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CRONECreative Researcher of New Experiences
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The two old crones, chiming in together, began pouring out many piteous lamentations that the poor dear was too far gone to know her best friends; and were uttering sundry protestations that they would never leave her, when the superior pushed them from the room, closed the door, and returned to the bedside.
The two crones, to all appearance, too busily occupied in the preparations for their dreadful duties to make any reply, were left alone, hovering about the body.
With many mumbled blessings and protestations of gratitude the old crone packed it away in her pocket, and shuffled off down the stairs.
Armed men and women flocked out of the Quarter so fast, and drew even these last dregs after them with such a force of suction, that within a quarter of an hour there was not a human creature in Saint Antoine's bosom but a few old crones and the wailing children.
With the one exception of her mother, friends and relatives drifted back and acknowledged that they had been mistaken; though there were old crones who still abided by their opinion and who shook their heads ominously over their cups of tea.
And then it happened-- the thing the old crones had been shaking their heads over for years.
A few of the withered and remorseless crones of the band were clustering together, in readiness to lend their fell voices, if needed, to aid in exciting their descendants to an exhibition, which their depraved tastes coveted, as the luxurious Roman dame witnessed the struggles and the agony of the gladiator.
The trust faced controversy when it emerged it had been responsible for the care of paranoid schizophrenic killer Sean Crone, from Red House, Sunderland, just before he stabbed friends Ian Lawson and Simon Richardson to death in October 2003.
After Crone admitted manslaughter two years ago, he was detained at Rampton Secure Hospital, and an independent inquiry was launched, which reported yesterday that there had been weaknesses in communication between the health professionals who cared for him.
Narrowly passed by the House last week, ACES is intended to place most of the American economy on a carbon-cap-and-trade system," says Crone.
Frances Crone, 49, was knocked out cold by one of the missiles which smashed the window where she was sitting.
An inquest in Newcastle heard Mr Crone, 29, had taken a lethal dose of heroin and alcohol on February 7.