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CRONOSCross-Cultural Research on the Nutrition of Older Subjects
CRONOSClimate Retrieval and Observations Network of the Southeast (North Carolina)
CRONOSCritical Response Operations NATO Open System
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The tests included the estimation of bacterial survival on treated seeds in the laboratory, and the evaluation of nodulation, plant growth, and yield under different field conditions, in comparison to standard inoculation and to another commercial preinoculation product (Cronos) of the same company that guarantees bacterial survival for up to four days on the surface of untreated seeds.
The three of them thus navigate towards the Island of Kail to seek advice from the "Fallen" god Hephaestus on how to enter Tartarus and help Zeus escape before Cronos absorbs all of his power/vital strength.
As part of the overall transaction, Cronos has purchased additional container assets, which increases the size of its owned assets to $1 billion.
Swedish credit management services company Intrum Justitia AB (OMX Stockholm:IJ) said on Tuesday (2 December) that it has acquired the French companies Cronos group and Societe de services d'entreprises (SSE).
Cronos' partner, Cancer Research UK, a prestigious research institute in Europe, has recently completed phase one of its pre-clinical trials on GeneICE through Cancer Research Technology Limited ("CRT").
The Cronos machine, as with all machinery from Tecnovac, can also carry out modified atmosphere tray sealing for extended shelf life.
This RF frequency-agile filter using microelectromechanical system (MEMS) relays supplied by Cronos Integrated Microsystems Inc.
announced that it agreed to acquire closely held Cronos Integrated Microsystems Inc.
Cronos Integrated Microsystems Inc., Research Triangle Park, NC, has applied their experience in MEMS manufacturing technology to the creation of a 10-switch relay microarray.
The microarray, designated CRL10A5D24, combines 10 individual Cronos microrelays, fabricated using the company's proprietary 3D-MEMS technology.
Cronus or Cronos or KronosIn ancient Greek mythology, a male deity who was worshiped by the pre-Hellenic population of Greece but probably was not widely worshiped by the Greeks themselves; he was later identified with the Roman god Saturn.
In addition, he discovered that Saturn had a satellite, which he named Titan (because Saturn, or Cronos as the Greeks called him, was the leader of a group of gods called Titans).