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CROPCommon Relevant Operational Picture
CROPComparative Research Programme on Poverty
CROPCollege Reach-Out Program (Florida)
CROPCommunities Responding to Overcome Poverty
CROPCivil Rights Outreach Project
CROPCentre de Rééducation de l’Ouïe et de la Parole (French: Rehabilitation Center for Hearing and Speech)
CROPChristian Rural Overseas Program
CROPCouncil of Regional Organisations in the Pacific
CROPCosmic Ray Observatory Project
CROPCommon Relevant Operating Picture (less common)
CROPCentre de Recherche sur l'Opinion Publique
CROPConsolidated Rules of Practice
CROPCompliance Registered Options Principal
CROPCationic Ring-Opening Polymerization (chemistry)
CROPContainer Roll In/Roll Out Platform
CROPCommittee of Regional Organisations of the Pacific
CROPContainer Recycling Operation
CROPChild Restraint Offenders Program
CROPCommand Research Objectives Plan
CROPCommunities Reach Out to People (fundraising walk)
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But why should not the New Englander try new adventures, and not lay so much stress on his grain, his potato and grass crop, and his orchards -- raise other crops than these?
Ancient poetry and mythology suggest, at least, that husbandry was once a sacred art; but it is pursued with irreverent haste and heedlessness by us, our object being to have large farms and large crops merely.
But as the beasts ruined me before, while my corn was in the blade, so the birds were as likely to ruin me now, when it was in the ear; for, going along by the place to see how it throve, I saw my little crop surrounded with fowls, of I know not how many sorts, who stood, as it were, watching till I should be gone.
This touched me sensibly, for I foresaw that in a few days they would devour all my hopes; that I should be starved, and never be able to raise a crop at all; and what to do I could not tell; however, I resolved not to lose my corn, if possible, though I should watch it night and day.
The Sheikh of the village spoke of the crops from which the rulers of all lands draw revenue; but the Governor's eyes were fixed, between his horse's ears, on the nearest water-channel.
We'll begin with him to-morrow, and look at his crops as we go.
The crop of clover coming up in the stubble was magnificent.
Just look at this piece of ground--four crops a year, an' every inch of soil workin' over time.
She was to surrender the farm and the crops as they stood in June, but as there was to be no new immediate tenant in her old house it was easily arranged that she could continue in it until the cottage in Fallon would be empty in September.
What occupation would be to me between crop and crop?
I'll give it to you, Marmee, just to remember past glories by, for a crop is so comfortable I don't think I shall ever have a mane again.
Uncle Henry grew poorer every year, and the crops raised on the farm only bought food for the family.