CRORCompounded Rate of Return (finance)
CRORCumulative Rate of Return (finance)
CRORCanadian Railway Operating Rules
CRORConditional Relative Odds Ratio
CRORCounter Rotating Open Rotor
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Large scale demonstration will include flight testing with a full size counter-rotating-open-rotor ( CROR ) engine mounted to an Airbus A340 test aircraft, and a full-size aft-fuselage structural propulsion integration demonstrator.
5 Crors (Rupees One Crors Fifty Lakh only) and should be profit making during the last three years.
It is mentioned that the new fort which was constructed on river Beas cost eight crors and five lakh dam.
be applied to secure a train" and the CRORs "provide specific
How sad, that in summer of 2010 normal life in the Valley was disrupted in name of stone pelting, and schools and colleges, offices, shops were closed because of fear and disruption; and this caused loss to Jammu and Kashmir economy and damaged infrastructure worth 700 crors rupees.