CRORCompounded Rate of Return (finance)
CRORCumulative Rate of Return (finance)
CRORCanadian Railway Operating Rules
CRORConditional Relative Odds Ratio
CRORCounter Rotating Open Rotor
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Similarly, Pakistan paid more that 6 billion, 88 cror, dollars under the head of interest on foreign loans of amounting to 28 billion, 9 cror, dollars during the tenure of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) from 2013 to 2018.
The efficiency of the CROR system mainly comes from the reduction of the front propeller slipstream swirl by the impingement of the aft propeller slipstream, which will also lead to the extra axial acceleration of the flow downstream when it passes through the aft propeller; therefore, CROR systems can generate greater thrust [6-9].
A greater understanding of both of these noise sources is required for future aircraft concepts, such as those using contra-rotating open-rotor engines (CRORs)," he says.
be applied to secure a train" and the CRORs "provide specific
He said that it was a very fortunate day for the 12 cror Sikhs as a 73 years old dream for a corridor to Guru Nanak shrine comes true.
Pakistan is the debtor of ninety cror dollar of IMF.
4 crore for Ramadan and Eid grant, 12 crore 11 lak for general educational stipends, madrissas and health care each, 9 crore for visually impaired persons, 6 cror for self-employment scheme, 4 cror for social rehabilitation and Rs.
Perhaps the situation has changed, and both the Prime Minister and the President of Azad Kashmir were given permission to visit Gilgit Baltistan and give a donation of one Cror rupees.
The chief minister said an institution of accountability was set up at the cost of 70 cror rupees, but no case of corruption has been taken up by this institution.
Buner -- The district Nazim Dr.Obaidullah Khan presented worth 3 Arab, 33 cror and 8500 budget for the year 2016-2017 in the council session at council hall in Daggar.Convener Yousaf Ali Khan presided over the session while opposition leader Haji Sadiqullah Khan, male and female members and heads of line departments were present.
He claimed that certain elements are conspiring against the judiciary by distributing rupees sixty cror provided by the government among various Bars to purchase sympathies.