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CROSSCentres Regionaux Operationnels de Surveillance et de Sauvetage
CROSSComité Régional de l'Organisation Sanitaire et Sociale
CROSSChurch Related Online Software Systems
CROSSCommittee to Retain Our Segregated Schools (1950s segregationist group)
CROSSCore Router Operating System Support
CROSSCommission Régionale d'Organisation du Système Sanitaire
CROSSChristians Reaching Out Spreading Spirituality
CROSSCross Support Service
CROSSCustoms Rulings Online Search System (US Customs and Border Protection searchable database)
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I fished out fourpence, and put his cross on my own neck, and I could see by his face that he was as pleased as he could be at the thought that he had succeeded in cheating a foolish gentleman, and away he went to drink the value of his cross.
This piece of the cross was discovered in the sixteenth century.
And when a cross has been made, the closest selection is far more indispensable even than in ordinary cases.
The story goes on to tell how the Knight, who is the Red Cross Knight St.
Little water flows from the mountains, and it soon becomes absorbed by the dry and porous soil; so that, although we travelled at the distance of only ten or fifteen miles from the outer range of the Cordillera, we did not cross a single stream.
And I have gone there, and come back; and now you may go there, for no longer is it high treason, punishable by disgrace or death, to cross 30d or 175d.
Without stopping an instant the fierce beasts also began to cross the tree.
The woman proved to be cross and bad-tempered, perhaps because she had only caught one red eel during all the day.
They were unwieldy things for a lone girl to handle, but there was no other way and she must cross the river.
I swear before God, who seeth us, and who, in the darkness of this night heareth us, never shall my sword cross yours, never my eye express a glance of anger, nor my heart a throb of hatred, at you.
On the right shoulder of the mantle there was cut, in white cloth, a cross of a peculiar form.
Now on his way home he had to cross a plank lying across a running brook.