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CROSSBOWComputerized Retrieval of Organic Structures Based on Wiswesser
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Crossbow hunters do gain an advantage in not having to draw their bows when game is close, but the real advantage, from a manager's standpoint, is hunter numbers.
If you qualify, it's time to consider practical aspects, such as effective crossbow range, packing a crossbow (managing a cross-shaped assembly of cables, strings, loaded limbs, and sharp broadheads while plowing through oak brush on a steep slope in hot pursuit of elk is an endeavor best saved for the very stubborn), and so forth.
Tests have shown that a needle fired from the miniature crossbow could crack a sheet of glass when aimed properly.
For use in our medieval recreations, some make lighter crossbows which use an even simpler release mechanism, consisting of a hardwood dowel or metal pipe mounted vertically in the stock which retains the crossbow string until a curved matching piece pushes the bowstring up when a trigger is squeezed.
For selling 17 compound bows or crossbows, a Retail Sales Associate can earn enough Parker Bucks to receive a free crossbow, including the top-selling Challenger or Enforcer.
The crossbow is an excellent choice of weapon for people who do not have much time to practice or do not have the physical strength to draw and hold the sights steady on a regular bow.
Crossbow designs and manufactures acceleration sensors that are integrated into inertial navigation and guidance systems.
A decent rifle shooter can pick up a crossbow and shoot accurately within a day, providing he can judge distance.
Back when I took that pig, Florida didn't have a crossbow season.
A press release following the Summit stated: 'The organizational representatives at the Bowhunting Summit were unanimous in their opposition to crossbows .
It is quite hard to shoot yourself with a crossbow, but there is a smaller, handheld version known as a pistol crossbow.
A state-by-state list of crossbow regulations compiled by the American Crossbow Federation shows a wide variety of rules.