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I fancy he hath been crost in love, or whatever it is I know not; but I have lived with him above these thirty years, and in all that time he hath hardly spoke to six living people." She then again solicited their departure, in which she was backed by Partridge; but Jones purposely protracted the time, for his curiosity was greatly raised to see this extraordinary person.
"Now the Dreadnought she's howlin' 'crost the Banks o' Newfoundland, Where the water's all shallow and the bottom's all sand.
We can see that the book is also a text of cosmological twoness, simultaneously manifesting something like the order of human civilization--the sloppy palimpsest of things "scribbled, crost, and cramm'd" in the margins--and something like the resistant, unknowable, ahistoric order of nature.
For the dutie of Prince and people are reciprocall: and though no man will or can excuse a people, or iustifie their disobedience (their obedience being of absolute necessitie) yet there may be causes to prouoke them to disobedience, which all wise Princes haue euer shunned carefully; desiring to giue them contentment; though in giuing it, they crost their owne iudgements" (33).
So when Narcissus vainly spy'd His image in the floating tide, And reason in the maze was lost, And love his anxious bosom crost, His beauteous form at ev'ry view, Tho' fair at first, still fairer grew; Till to himself a slave was made, And fell a victim to a shade.
If't be a fault to shew you how a story May be preseru'd longer in memory Then if one tong alone had told a tale Our expectation's crost, & we shall faile Of hauing courteous censure; yet ner'theless 5 All that haue cleare ey'd iudgements, will confess He merits more, that shewes acutely how Ghismonda did for Guiscard, (to keep the vow Which she'd brauely made,) then to heare this Absurdly told.
Temporal stability over a 4-week period is satisfactory (.82), and the construct validity of SDE has been supportive in many studies (Pauls & Crost, 2005).
Peter Howitt is Professor of Economics and the Lyn Crost Professor of Social Sciences at Brown University.
Funk & Sons and its Super Crost brand from British Petroleum's nutrition unit.
Photos by Michael Granberry and Laura Crost Hair and makeup by Cherie Combs
and presently fixing mine eyes upon a Gentleman-like object, I looked on him, as if I would survay something through him, and make him my perspective: and hee much musing at my gazing, and I much gazing at his musing, at last crost the way and made toward me.