CROTCarnitine Octanoyltransferase
CROTCommercial Release on Time
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When age, sex, and disease duration were controlled for, patients who received lymphoma dosing--375 mg/[m.sup.2] weekly for 4 weeks--were 2.7 times more likely to achieve CROT than those on the rheumatoid arthritis dosing, two 1,000-mg IV infusions 2 weeks apart (P = .037).
There is only one pair of strong negative association between ceruloplasmin (Cp) and carnitine octanoyltransferase (Crot).
The chemical formula Cd[Co.sub.2]([N.sub.2][H.sub.4])[(crot).sub.2].[H.sub.2]O has been assigned to the complex, cadmium cobalt cinnamate hydrazinate based on the observed percentage of hydrazine (6.00), cadmium (12.38) and cobalt (13.16) which are found to match closely with the calculated values 5.28, 11.38 and 12.00 for hydrazine, cadmium and cobalt, respectively.
The crot, "an autonomous unit, characterized by the absence of any transitional devices that might relate it to preceding or subsequent crots," could be as short as one word or as long as several paragraphs.
Bessoul, crot" (Pasolini 2003,II: 1795): e evidente si tratti della libera traduzione di Epitafio ideal appartenente alla raccolta B, il cui esordio e "!Avril!
Students emphasised the cyclical aspects of narrative and experience (and identity) by stringing together "short, fairly discrete units of composition" (Porter in Elbow, 1998:4) with a common theme and a sense of circularity similar to a crot in literature, to construct the production.
However, the City transfer tax does not apply to the grant of a lease provided that the consideration constitutes rent for purposes of the City commercial rent tax (CROT).
Na boill-sin do bheith gan cheann Tug crioch Laighion na learg n-ur Gan riar deorach, gan cheol crot, Gan luadh comhlann, gan chor clu.
Jow Lindsay is Francis Crot and Helen Bridwell and a dozen pseudonymns I don't know, though one hears his real name pronounced as Joe.
Gramineas Leguminosas (RG) (RL) Sorgo Sorgo Crot Crot 0 1200 1200 5560 5560 1 Sorgo Soya Crot Sorgo T1 1041,1 0 5625 1379 T2 1828,2 0 8925 15,542 T3 3370,6 0 8275 19,228 T4 2943,3 0 8475 18,518 Subtotal 9156,5 0 31300 67,078 2 Quin Sorgo Sorgo Crot T1 917,5 711,14 767,98 7625 T2 1090,1 923,82 943,86 10925 T3 1473 1175,7 1315,3 11275 T4 956,4 661,83 497,82 13475 Subtotal 4437,0 3472,49 3548,6 43300 Total 0 14793,5 4672,49 40408,6 55567,8 * kg x [ha.sup.-1] sobre base seca.
But the winner, in a stupendous repeat of his 2001 success, is light-hearted punters' site CROT TLY.CO.UK.