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CROWNConsistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (award)
CROWNConsolidated Renal Operations in A Web-Enabled Network (Center for Medicare and Medicade Services)
CROWNCommunity Research for Oral Wellness Network (Cape Western Reserve University; Cleveland, OH)
CROWNCity of Renton Outdoor Wireless Network (Renton, WA)
CROWNCentralised Resources Over Wide Area Network
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They would coolly skip over our age of the world, and say: "Smyrna was not faithful unto death, and so her crown of life was denied her; Ephesus repented, and lo!
If her crown of life had been an insurance policy, she would have had an opportunity to collect on it the first time she fell.
Taking the crowns off their heads the priest read the last prayer and congratulated the young people.
He had never been in the room at the Crown in his lifedid not know the people who kept it by sight.Oh!
"I was going to observe, sir," said Frank Churchill, "that one of the great recommendations of this change would be the very little danger of any body's catching cold so much less danger at the Crown than at Randalls!
But wait, the worst is that on the next day, when I wanted to take the crown to buy tripe, I found a dead leaf in its place."
Goody Falourdel, have you brought that leaf into which the crown which the demon gave you was transformed?
'The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown:
Cast by your icy crown and sceptre, and let the sunlight of love fall softly on your heart.
Here is a profane and drunken minstrel, called Allan-a-Dale nebulo quidam who has menaced me with corporal punishment nay, with death itself, an I pay not down four hundred crowns of ransom, to the boot of all the treasure he hath already robbed me of gold chains and gymmal rings to an unknown value; besides what is broken and spoiled among their rude hands, such as my pouncer-box and silver crisping-tongs.''
The governor lowered the staff, and as he did so the old man who had the stick handed it to the other old man to hold for him while he swore, as if he found it in his way; and then laid his hand on the cross of the staff, saying that it was true the ten crowns that were demanded of him had been lent him; but that he had with his own hand given them back into the hand of the other, and that he, not recollecting it, was always asking for them.
A man who possesses three hundred thousand crowns can no longer expect to wear a smooth brow; a wrinkle for every hundred thousand livres is not too much.