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CROWSCommon Remotely Operated Weapon Station
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Hence, we are told, is derived their name, given to them on account of their unsettled and predatory habits; winging their flight, like the crows, from one side of the mountains to the other, and making free booty of everything that lies in their way.
These hordes of villains being broken up and dispersed, Rose had betaken himself to the wilderness, and associated himself with the Crows, whose predatory habits were congenial with his own, had married a woman of the tribe, and, in short, had identified himself with those vagrant savages.
Anecdotes of the Crow Indians.- Notorious Horse Stealers.- Some Account of Rose.- A Desperado of the Frontier.
The present party of Crows, however, evinced nothing of the invidious character for which they are renowned.
The captain immediately ordered a halt: the hunters now came up and announced that a large war-party of Crow Indians were just above, on the river.
In a little while he beheld the Crow warriors emerging from among the bluffs.
"After the crows had gone I thought this over, and decided I would try hard to get some brains.
Any crow of sense could see that you are only stuffed with straw.' Then he hopped down at my feet and ate all the corn he wanted.
At the same moment the crow appeared and hopped all round the room with joy.
So she lived in solitude all the daytime, and at night she would have been frightened, had she not been so brave; but every day the crow came and thanked her for her endurance, and assured her that his sufferings were far less than they had been.
At this invitation, the Crow stepped out and felt Pinocchio's pulse, his nose, his little toe.
"I am sorry," said the Owl, "to have to contradict the Crow, my famous friend and colleague.