CRPBIChildren's Report of Parent Behavior Inventory
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Accordingly, we used a 2 x 2 analysis of variance (ANOVA) to contrast secure and insecure parents' self-ratings on the five parenting indices (three CRPBI factors, Parental Competency, Love Inconsistency).
Replicability of factors in Children's Report of Parent Behavior (CRPBI).
The Hebrew version of the Schaefer (1959) CRPBI was administered to the children.
The CRPBI (Samper, Cortes, Mestre, Nacher, & Tur, 2006) and the EMBU (Castro, de Pablo, Gomez, Arrindell, & Toro, 1997; Castro, Toro, Van, & Arrindell, 1993) have been adapted to Spanish.
Assessing child-rearing behaviors: A comparison of ratings made by mother, father, child, and sibling on the CRPBI. Child Development, 56, 462-479.
Child's Report of Parent Behavior Inventory (CRPBI) (Schaefer, 1965; Samper, Cortes, Mestre, Nacher & Tur, 2006).
In this sense, a large number of instruments (Holden & Edwards, 1989) have been designed to assess the children's perception of their parents' behavior, among which the following are noteworthy: the Parental Attitude Research Instrument and the Child's Report of Parent Behavior Inventory (CRPBI; Droppleman & Schaefer, 1963), the Egna Minnen Betraffande Uppfostran (EMBU; Perris, Jacobsson, Lindstrom, Von Knorring, & Perris, 1980), the Parental Bond Instrument (PBI; Parker, Tupling, & Brown, 1979), the Measure of Parenting Style (MOPS; Parker, Roussos, Hadzi-Pavlovic, Mitchell, Wilhelm & Austin, 1997) and the "Escala de socializacion parental" (ESPA29; translated: the Parental Socialization Scale; Musitu & Garcia, 2001).
Mother's and father's parenting styles were measured using the short form of the Child's Report of Parental Behavior Inventory (CRPBI; Schludermann & Schludermann, 1970).
Validity coefficients [correlations with existing parenting scales such as the Children's Report of Parental Behavior Inventory (CRPBI; Schaefer, 1965) and the Family Environment Scale (FES; Moos & Moos, 1981)] ranged from .50 to .80.
Students' perceptions of their fathers' and mothers' parenting behavior were assessed with the revised version of the Children's Report of Parent Behavior Inventory (CRPBI; Schaefer, 1965; Schludermann & Schludermann, 1970).
A revised 56-item form (Burger & Armentrout, 1971; Margolies & Weintraub, 1977) of Schaefer's Children's Report of Parental Behavior Inventory (CRPBI) (1965a, 1965b) was used to measure adolescents' perceptions of parental support, autonomy granting, and discipline.