CRPBIChildren's Report of Parent Behavior Inventory
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Accordingly, we used a 2 x 2 analysis of variance (ANOVA) to contrast secure and insecure parents' self-ratings on the five parenting indices (three CRPBI factors, Parental Competency, Love Inconsistency).
30 Table 4 Correlations Between Adult Attachment Patterns and Perceived Parent Characteristics Measured by the CRPBI (N= 2l9) Attachment Pattern Parent Pre- Characteristics Secure Fearful occupied Dismissive Father Style Acceptance Females .
Assessing child-rearing behaviors: Comparison of ratings made by mother, father, child, and sibling on the CRPBI.
The CRPBI yields 18 scales for fathers and mothers, including Acceptance, Intrusiveness, Positive Involvement, and Rejection (where higher scores reflect higher levels of the 18 particular dimensions).
To test the degree of relatedness between each dimension of adolescent self-esteem and parental support, discipline, and autonomy granting, scores from the appropriate dimension of the CRPBI for both mothers and fathers were correlated (by means of the Pearson) with each dimension of adolescent self-esteem.
Given verbal messages of acceptance but behavioral messages of rejection, adolescents may experience difficulty when asked to respond to a CRPBI question such as "My mother likes to talk to me and be with me much of the time.