CRPEConcours de Recrutement de Professeurs des Écoles (French: Competitive Examination for School Teachers)
CRPECenter on Reinventing Public Education
CRPECenter on Race, Poverty & the Environment (San Francisco, CA)
CRPECrystal Reports Print Engine
CRPECenter for Research of Private Economy (China)
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Os fatores GPRP e CRPE mantiveram a fatoracao original e extrairam variancias de 59,08% e 58,2%, respectivamente, o que corrobora a validade convergente do instrumento, por ultrapassarem a marca de 50% em cada fator (HENSELER, RINGLE, SINKOVICS, 2009).
(2014) 'Alternativs and compromises in the Romanian pension system for the next 20 years', CRPE and CeRe, Policy Brief 25.
Baltimore's progress and success is highlighted in a report released by CRPE in June.
As a result, our first two choices - the crme brle with shortbread and chocolate dipped fruit and the wild berry crpe from the flamb trolley (pounds 6.95) - were both sold out.
"You can buy an evening meal, your fresh fruit and salads, or you can just buy a crpe. Markets can work in communities and we just hope this can go from strength to strength."
before collapsing exhausted over a crpe and a glass of wine as we waited for the coach back.
"In Russia you've got your blini, in France there's the thin crpe and in America they make really thick ones you can eat with bacon and maple syrup.
Urban superintendents tend to not make distinctions between charter schools and district-run schools when making decisions, according to Robin Lake, associate director for the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) at the University of Washington in Seattle.
La pendiente del la CRP-O en el sujeto 18 es mayor que la de la CRPE lo que sugiere que responde en forma mas consistente de lo que cabria esperar dada la consistencia promedio del test.
Christian Ghinea, Director of the Romanian Centre for European Policies (CRPE), put an equally controversial claim forward when he stated that