CRPECenter on Reinventing Public Education
CRPECenter on Race, Poverty & the Environment (San Francisco, CA)
CRPECrystal Reports Print Engine
CRPECenter for Research of Private Economy (China)
CRPEConcours de Recrutement de Professeurs des Écoles (French: Competitive Examination for School Teachers)
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I did wonder how hard it would be for the chef to whip up another batch of crpe mix (he can't, surely, have run out of milk, flour or eggs) but I managed to console myself with sticky toffee pudding (pounds 5.
And the food on offer didn't disappoint, with French crpes, Indian cuisine and duck burgers being cooked up for eager customers.
But undoubtedly the most famous of them all is the French crpe.
You might have started out with crpe farcie aux fruits de mer, with lobster, shrimp, crabmeat, and scallops in a sauce of cream, butter, and sherry, followed by veal Orloff "studded with truffles.
Based on what the organization describes as an in-depth investigation of licensure content for principals in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, CRPE also reached the following conclusions: Licensing requirements are unbalanced across states and misaligned with today's ambitions for school leaders; licenses form the foundation of school leadership development; and doing licensure well means tackling licenses in the larger context of school leadership development.
By now it was hard to contemplate a pud, but we did, sharing a strawberry and mascarpone crpe with red berry sauce (pounds 3.
Districts are already overwhelmed with data and statistics, much of it required by federal and state law," says CRPE analyst Mary Beth Celio, lead investigator on the project.
JST is said to be the first British charity to benefit from CRPE which was set up by the late actor.
The dessert was equally special -- a flambed crpe that was delicate and delicious.
Edvance is joined by three skilled partners to work in the Center, ADI, CRPE and the Fiscal Analytics Unit, all of whom have experience in working closely with ED-funded centers throughout the country, assisting them to implement programs and processes, and to develop the most productive means of deploying resources.
Thanks to Elizabeth English for her research assistance; Max Eden, Christy Sadler, and Sarah Crain for their editing help; and Sean Gill of CRPE and Carrie Stewart of Afton Partners for reviewing drafits.