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The CrPic group tended to decrease crypt depth with no significance (P=0.33), but remarkable increased (P<0.05) the V/C ratio, compared with HS group.
The results revealed that at day 14, the Hsp70 mRNA expression was significantly (P<0.05) higher in HS group as compared to the control group, while significantly decreased (P<0.05) in CrPic group compared with HS group.
After adaptive feeding for one week, the rats were divided into five groups of ten rats in each group as follows: group 1, normal control rats; group 2, T2DM control rats; group 3, T2DM rats supplemented with 25 [micro]g/kg CrPic; group 4, T2DM rats supplemented with 50 [micro]g/kg CrPic; and group 5, T2DM rats supplemented with 100 [micro]g/kg CrPic.
After CrPic treatment, some improvements on the morphology of pancreas were observed.
Moreover, CrPic resulted in a significant reduction of ABT especially in castrated pigs, which was in accordance with our results (Kim et al., 2010).
(2011) reported that RNA/DNA increased significantly, while the content of DNA in skeletal muscle showed no marked changes with CrPic supplementation.
According to researchers, this study demonstrates that CrPic supplementation in subjects with type 2 diabetes who are taking sulfonylurea agents significantly improves insulin sensitivity and glucose control.
However, there have been several other studies with CrPic or Cr[Cl.sub.3] (Evock-Clover et al., 1993; Mooney and Cromwell, 1997) that failed to find such an improvement in carcass quality.
There are only a few studies that reported increased growth by dietary Cr in weanling pigs (Harper et al., 1995; van Heugten and Spears, 1997), but others (van de Ligt et al., 2002) showed no effect of CrPic on growth.
CrNano exhibited considerably higher absorption efficiency than both CrPic and chromium chloride (Cr[Cl.sub.3]) (Zha et al., 2007).
(1995) who reported that supplemental Cr as CrPic did not significantly influence any measure of N balance criteria.
Research with supplementation of Cr chloride (Cr[Cl.sub.3]) (Mooney and Cromwell, 1997), Cr Picolinate (CrPic) (Lindemann et al., 1995; Xi et al., 2001), Cr yeast (Guan et al., 2000), Cr propionate (CrProp) (Shelton et al., 2003) and Cr nanocomposite (Wang and Xu, 2004; Wang et al., 2007) to pigs has been reported.