CRPPCentre de Recherche Paul Pascal (France)
CRPPCommittee Representing the People's Parliament (Burma)
CRPPCentre de Recherches en Physique des Plasmas (French: Center of Plasma Physics Research; Switzerland)
CRPPCenter for Research and Public Policy (consulting firm)
CRPPClosed Reduction and Percutaneous Pinning
CRPPCurrency Risk Protection Program (Philippines)
CRPPCommunity Relations Program Plan
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The CRPP members condemned the use of force against the protesters.
23) Fractures were created through an open incision, skin closed, and CRPP performed.
CRPP leverages multiple technologies working in tandem to address cyber security risks through the entire threat defense lifecycle: detection, protection and prevention.
Photoinitiators were not only used to produce CRPP but also to modify the melt strength of PP or other polyolefins by incorporating LCBs to their structure [8-11].
CRPP has interest in the unit next are vacating and hope to announce positive news shortly.
Afzal also rubbished the lawyer's claim that CRPP and the Society for Prevention of Detainees and Prisoners' Rights (SPDPR) had mishandled his case, asserting that he trusted both the groups and is obliged to them.
The CRPP demanded unconditional release of the trade union activists and Anu and be given access to lawyers.
CRPP representatives held a press meet to say that Ghandy was abducted by five to six persons on September 17.
The junta has in the past asked the NLD to dissolve the CRPP, calling the body illegal.
The reduction in Mw and the narrowing of MWD in CRPPs involve modification of structural parameters such as the crystallinity or the distribution and size of spherulite.
The NLD formed the CRPP in September 1998 to function as a shadow legislature until the junta allows the parliament elected in 1990 to convene.
Although peroxides have dominated as free radical initiators for CRPP production, nitroxide free radical generators have been recently introduced (23), (24), and their performance has been briefly compared with routinely used difunctional initiators (25).