CRPPCentre de Recherche Paul Pascal (France)
CRPPCommittee Representing the People's Parliament (Burma)
CRPPCentre de Recherches en Physique des Plasmas (French: Center of Plasma Physics Research; Switzerland)
CRPPCoalition of Registered Political Parties (Nigeria)
CRPPCentro Romano di Psicologia e Psicoterapia (Italian: Roman Center of Psychology and Psychotherapy)
CRPPClosed Reduction and Percutaneous Pin Fixation (orthopedics)
CRPPCenter for Research and Public Policy (consulting firm)
CRPPClosed Reduction and Percutaneous Pinning
CRPPCurrency Risk Protection Program (Philippines)
CRPPCommunity Relations Program Plan
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As chairperson of the CRPP's Committee on Ethnic Nationalities Affairs, he represents four large ethnic groups in the body, including his own party, the Arakan League for Democracy.
The Central Bank last week announced that it is reopening the CRPP after the peso broke to trade into
The CRPP is a nondeliverable forward hedging facility which is aimed at alleviating demand pressures in the foreign exchange spot market from borrowers seeking to hedge their future foreign exchange exposures.
Speaking on the occasion, chairman CRPP, SAR Geelani said Afzal's execution was a judicial murder.
A couple of characteristics of this process are: (i) the initiator is very well-mixed with the molten PP prior to the free radical initiation and (ii) the produced CRPP does not exhibit any of the characteristic odors accompanying the traditional peroxide-initiated degradation processes.
The NLD has declared that the CRPP would function as parliament until the government convened the parliament elected in 1990.
said on Thursday that the Central Bank is ready to take immediate action with a full range of instruments it can use to respond to emerging threats from inflation, one of which is the CRPP.
BSP Governor Nestor Espenilla said the central bank will re-activate tools such as the CRPP facility for eligible corporates with foreign exchange obligations based on more liberalized rules.
Although mono- and di-functional peroxides have dominated as free radical initiators for CRPP production, the effect of higher functionality initiators is rarely studied.
CRPP materials were produced by using either a peroxide initiator (Luperox 101, used as received from Aldrich) or a PP-based NOR (Ciba Irgatec CR76 provided by Ciba Specialty Chemicals).