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CRQCommand Response Queue
CRQContinuous Repeat Request
CRQChange Request
CRQClub de Rugby de Québec (Canadian rugby club)
CRQConstructed Response Question (education)
CRQCustomer Relationship Quality
CRQConrail Quality (railroads)
CRQCall Request
CRQChampionnat de Rallye du Québec (French: Quebec Rally Championship; Canada)
CRQCorporation des Restaurateurs de Québec (French: Restoration Corporation of Quebec; Canada)
CRQContrôle routier Québec
CRQCosta Rica Quest (tour package; travel)
CRQCommon Recall Queue (IBM mainframes, dataset management)
CRQCollision Resolution Queue
CRQClaim Reunderwriting Query (insurance)
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The symptom, activity, impact and total scores of SGRQ, and the dyspnea and fatigue scores of CRQ were worse in severe-to-very severe patients than in mild-to-moderate patients at baseline (p<0.05).
The chronic respiratory disease questionnaire (CRQ) is a reliable and valid disease specific measurement tool for evaluating Health Related Quality-of-life (HRQL) in patients with respiratory disease (15).
En este complejo hidrografico dominan los paisajes de piedemonte y valles interandinos en cuyo relieve principal predominan planos de inundacion cortos, vegas y terrazas (CRQ 2005).
A total of 77 items were extracted and modified from the following scales: The AIRS (Lopez & Rice, 2006; 11 items); the CRQ (Maxwell, 1985; 2 items); the FIS (Descumer & Thelen, 1991; 18 items); the FIAT-Q (Callaghan, 2006; 21 items); the IIP (Horowitz, 1979; 13 items); the MIQ (Van den Broucke et al., 1995; 10 items), and the MSIS (Miller & Lekourt, 1982:2 items).
[27] in a 12-week, randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of paroxetine in end-stage COPD using the Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire (CRQ) as an outcome measure.
A execucao do Acordo se inspirou no Estatuto da Comissao Mista Brasileiro-Uruguaia para o Desenvolvimento da Bacia da Lagoa Mirim e e de responsabilidade da Comissao Mista Brasileiro-Uruguaia para o Desenvolvimento da Bacia do Rio Quarai (CRQ) (Brasil 1977a).
Harvey, L Moon, S, & Geall, V with Bower, R 1997, Graduates' Work: Organisational change and student attributes, Birmingham: Centre for Research into Quality CRQ and Association of Graduate Recruiters AGR
Quality of life was assessed using the self-reported Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire (CRQ) [20].