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CRQCall Request
CRQContrôle routier Québec
CRQCosta Rica Quest (tour package; travel)
CRQCommon Recall Queue (IBM mainframes, dataset management)
CRQCollision Resolution Queue
CRQClaim Reunderwriting Query (insurance)
CRQCorporation des Restaurateurs de Québec (French: Restoration Corporation of Quebec; Canada)
CRQClub de Rugby de Québec (Canadian rugby club)
CRQChampionnat de Rallye du Québec (French: Quebec Rally Championship; Canada)
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Health-Related Quality of Life Changes Following Training SUBJECT 1 Baseline Post-Training CRQ Overall 24.
Regarding HRQL, both subjects demonstrated improvements on the CRQ, with Subject 1 improving in only the dyspnea (5.
Subject 2 demonstrated concurrent improvements in both the CRQ and CAMPHOR scores.
Qualitatively, however, 5 of 6 studies measuring HRQL demonstrated statistically and clinically significant improvements in HRQL using the CRQ, (24,26,34) SGRQ, (28) and the BESC.
Unfortunately, only 1 of the 5 studies (34) investigating high-intensity IMT included in the present review used a measure of HRQL (which did show statistically and clinically significant improvements in CRQ scores), and none included any measures of dyspnea.
0 in the control (SEM) ([dagger]) ([double dagger]) Villafranca et al Not Measured 1998 (23) Level 1b M&H R= 60% * All values are mean (SEM) Sanchez-Riera All domains in the et al (24) 2001 CRQ improved by 1.
According to the office of the developer (written communication, October, 2007) there are currently 4 different formats of the CRQ available for clinical use: the original interviewer administered CRQ, an interviewer administered CRQ with a standardized dyspnea domain (CRQ-IAS), a self-administered CRQ with a standardized dyspnea domain (CRQ-SAS), and the self-administered CRQ with an individualized dyspnea domain (CRQ-SAI).
The CRQ was developed to assess quality of life in patients with chronic respiratory disease, including COPD of longer than 3 months and other disease processes that lead to chronic airflow limitations.
The InstantOffice CRQ application is specially designed for smaller offices that want to improve their business communications through the intelligent internal routing of calls but do not need the sophisticated set of offerings available with the IOCC solution.
Ex Officio selected the InstantOffice CRQ as an efficient and affordable solution to manage its large volume of calls, customer requests, and to increase the effectiveness of its call center agents.
Questions (CRQs), whereas assignments consist only of CRQs.
whereas online CRQs, such as single answer questions, are used for