CRRCCaucasus Research Resource Center
CRRCConstruction Requirements Review Committee
CRRCCombat Rigid Raiding Craft
CRRCContainer Reuse and Refurbishment Center
CRRCConnecticut Rare Records Committee
CRRCColorado Renewable Resources Cooperative (woody biomass)
CRRCCool Roof Rating Council
CRRCCalifornia Refuse Removal Council
CRRCChesapeake Regional Ranges Cooperative
CRRCCombat Rubber Raiding Craft
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The company, a subsidiary of China's railway giant CRRC Corps, undertook to provide funds up to 85% of the project as well as parts for assembly at Iranian train manufacturing company Wagon Pars, IDRO Managing Director Mansour Moazzami said.
The CRRC Dalian trains, which were supplied to the MRT-3 under then transportation secretary Jun Abaya, were found to be too heavy to traverse the transit line's rails.
They will join a fleet of 42 EMUs previously supplied by CRRC for the 25 kV AC Roca network, and replace 20 Toshiba EMUs dating from 1983 which are now near the end of their useful operating life.
We have a new owner in CRRC TEC Ltd and a renewed focus.
The Project was financed by Export-Import Bank of China and CRRC ZELC was responsible for manufacture.
Newcastle Council leader Nick Forbes, who is chair of the Transport North East committee, has tweeted a picture of himself meeting the CRRC delegation, saying: "Good to meet Chinese business leaders from CRRC and SMD today - excellent discussion about potential future investment.
In a separate deal, also in Tehran, the Nanjing Puzhen branch of CRRC said it has updated an agreement with an Iranian train operator, stating that 200 remaining subway cars in an order for 315 will be produced locally, in Iran, instead of China.
NASDAQ: MXWL), a developer and manufacturer of capacitive energy storage and power delivery solutions, has signed a definitive agreement with CRRC Qingdao Sifang Rolling Stock Research Institute Co.
The initial questions that arose from our conversation with the POC were threefold: what the heck is a rolled duck deployment, what the heck is a cargo net recovery of a CRRC and how the heck are we going to knock out all these requirements in a three-hour evolution?
In addition, about a quarter of Azerbaijanis stated that they were not interested in using the Internet," reads the CRRC site.