CRRCCaucasus Research Resource Center
CRRCConstruction Requirements Review Committee
CRRCCombat Rigid Raiding Craft
CRRCContainer Reuse and Refurbishment Center
CRRCConnecticut Rare Records Committee
CRRCColorado Renewable Resources Cooperative (woody biomass)
CRRCCool Roof Rating Council
CRRCCalifornia Refuse Removal Council
CRRCChesapeake Regional Ranges Cooperative
CRRCCombat Rubber Raiding Craft
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CRRC President, John Foden said, Governments across Canada recognise now that waste is a resource.
A leader in the nationalization of the country's high-speed rail sector, CRRC, is preparing to tackle the global super fast rail construction market, which is almost 10 times the size of the local market.
Thailand's Transport Ministry has granted approval to State Railway of Thailand (SRT) to sign a contract with CRRC subsidiary Changchun Railway Vehicles for seven four-car EMUs, which will set in added capacity on the 29km Bangkok Airport Rail Link.
Consortium of China Railway International, China Railway Group Limited, CRRC Qingdao Sifang, China Construction America and CRSC International.
By using BASF's test results to register their custom color products with the CRRC, fabricators avoid the costs and delays of additional certification and of preparing and testing panels themselves.
Approved by the State Council, China's cabinet, two former HSR giants, China North Railway (CNR) and China South Railway (CSR), merged its operations to establish CRRC.
An initial deployment of eight (8) fuel cell-powered trams is planned by CRRC Sifang and the City of Foshan on the Gaoming Line starting in 2017.
CRRC has been stepping up marketing in a number of regions since its formation in June from the merger of CSR and China CNR.
Urumqi Urban Rail Group Co has inked a deal with CRRC arm Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co for the supply of 27 six-car trainsets for the city s first metro line.
Its major clients are comprised of CRRC and Bombardier.
And that is something that the CRRC is hoping to provide in that context: to give a voice to what people think, to bring "the main voice" into the debate, not just elite views or surface impressions that shape judgment.
com and entering available or desired data for one of more of the following criteria: product code; product name; color description; 1* a* b* color space value; solar reflectance (TSR/SRV); thermal emittance (TE); solar reflectance index (SRI); and Energy Star and/or CRRC listing.