CRRSCentre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (E.J. Pratt Library; Victoria College; Canada)
CRRSCertified Residential Relocation Specialist (real estate agent type)
CRRSClaims Reimbursement and Reporting System (child nutrition programs)
CRRSComprehensive Records Retention Schedule
CRRSCombat Readiness Reporting System
CRRSComprehensive Risk Reduction Specialist
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For this reason the publicly marketed Pivotal CRRS results represent a sub-analysis of the Pivotal CRRS dataset, which includes only the subset of cases that meet the patient population criteria described by the approved indication for use.
In our work we followed Wren and Taylor (1999) and chose to use CRRS rather than CRS as our measure of relative specialisation.
With respect to CRRS, the index is significantly higher for Coastal, Inland, and Remote.
In terms of relative changes, the change in CRRS is significantly (positively) related only to the remote areas of Australia.
The variable Specialisation refers to the use of either the natural log of CARS, InCARS; or the natural log of CRRS, InCRRS.
We found no evidence of a significant impact of CRRS on any measure of employment outcome.
They were not often listed in refugee registers, which led to discrepancies in statistical data of UNHCR, CRRS, international and national NGOs.
The first census of refugees was organized by CRRS in cooperation with UNHCR in 1996.
The second census of refugees was carried out in April 2001 by CRRS and UNHCR.
In the period from 1997 to 2004 CRRS realized certain housing programs in co-operation with UNHCR, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Norwegian Refugee Council and local authorities.
It is the intention of the Trust that the selected EPOTTS solution should eventually be extensively integrated into CRRS such that