crseChief Rolling Stock Engineer (railways)
crseCentre for Rural Studies and Enrichment (St. Peter's College; Saskatchewan, Canada)
crseCommission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education (US National Educational Association)
crseConcerned Residents of Southeast (New York)
crseCommissioner of Railway Safety (India)
crseCenter for Relationship and Sexuality Education (est. 1983; Hartford, CT)
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The CRSE standard mandates an assessment of the relevant scientific information as a whole to evaluate whether the claimed benefits can be achieved.
Before the CRSE, most high schools offered (even required) a four-year development in history that covered ancient, European, English, and American history.
"The CRSE and the IFC set out a clear, sound investment framework, which favoured the presence of long- term investors like Engie," said Yoven Moorooven, CEO of Engie Africa, on the announcement of the tender.
Enoc said that schools must have mandatory, consistent, systematic plans and content based on the needs of children, as CRSE provides extensive support for the development and growth of children and young people.
It is possible that the intimate and sexual partnership results from another CRSE developing into more intimate relationship, where communication is high, as suggested by a high degree of explicitness concerning the sexual exclusivity agreement and of personal disclosure.
The ECCP was a little more complicated to operate than the CRSE This was mostly due to the extra management of containers at theater level and the maintenance requirements of the RT-240 roughterrain container handier (RTCH).
Although research has repeatedly outlined the benefits of a diverse student population on college campuses and echoed the positive educational effects of cross-racial interaction (CRI), a model for understanding and predicting the development of cross-racial self-efficacy (CRSE) among undergraduate students has not yet been offered.
there are laws) and adhere to strict regulations as to who may be failed and how many times at each level (provided their parents are notified within strict time constraints); these eager and willing supplicants we then keep healthy, imbue with the basics (command of fundamental processes), acquaint with positions and responsibilities in the family (worthy home membership), see to it that they are informed and able to make vocational choices, prepare for the duties of good citizens, teach how to profit from and enjoy free time and impart ethical values that will last a lifetime (CRSE, 1918).
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During this same time period the National Education Association's Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education (CRSE) "had so broadened the definition of vocation as to soften it, if not to virtually eliminate it as a cardinal principle of secondary education" (Stephens, 1970, p.