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CRSFCanadian Rope Skipping Federation (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
CRSFCenter for Research on Sustainable Forests (est. 2006; University of Maine; Orono, ME)
CRSFCal Ripken Sr Foundation
CRSFCyclotron Resonant Scattering Feature (various locations)
CRSFCoopers Rock State Forest (West Virginia)
CRSFClub Regatas Santa Fe (Spanish: Racing Club Santa Fe; Argentina)
CRSFCentral Region Storage Facility (US Air Force; Sanem, Luxembourg)
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23) The current DOD personnel recovery obligation applies only to US government missions, but does the treaty obligate the United States to use its CRSF capability for all astronauts--civilian, military, foreign, and US?
Therefore, the United States must establish a Personnel Recovery CRSF that uses private space-lift carriers similar to the airlift CRAF currently in place.
42 MW and 8,886 CRSF and the other was at ACC5 for 1.
4 MW and 53,397 CRSF at ACC2, the space recently vacated by Yahoo
2) CRSF is that portion of gross building area where customers locate their computer servers.
69 MW and 25,916 CRSF that were executed in the fourth quarter of 2014.
03 MW and 33,778 CRSF that are expected to generate approximately $8.
28 MW and 10,587 CRSF and executed two pre-leases totaling 5.
28 MW and 10,587 CRSF and one pre-lease totaling 4.
As of July 23, 2014, NJ1 Phase I was 59% leased on a critical load basis and 70% leased on a CRSF basis.
6 megawatts of available critical load, 338,000 gross square feet and 167,000 CRSF when fully built-out.
09 MW and 33,533 CRSF that are expected to generate approximately $2.