CRSISCentre for Research into Socially Inclusive Services (UK)
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Republican negotiator Judd Gregg said on Sunday: "What we face in the credit markets is a potential fiscal crsis of proportions that we have never seen before.
former Governor of Massachusetts on a new approach to solving the health care crsis
It is because of a lack of decision making by a whole host of government ministers, that the country is facing the present fuel crsis, and why the public and industry are paying such extortionate energy prices.
En ellas, el tamano de la red de parientes, el apoyo instrumental cotidiano y psicologico en crisis aminora el sentimiento de sobrecarga, mientras que en las hijas lo disminuye la mayor intensidad de apoyo instrumental en crsis percibido por ellas.
But Sunderland, deep in a cash crsis, need to get their highest-ever earner off the wage bill quickly and this deal allows them to do that.
In another twist in the club's deepening crsis, owner Petty and chief executive John Shuttleworth face a Football League grilling over 14 different financial problems.
A nationalistic strain in Malaysia, particularly evident at the time of the Asian economic crsis, drew heavily upon the need to nurture and rely upon Malaysian resources and resourcefulness, but underlying such calls were contradictory anxieties over the co-dependence that exists between Malaysians and foreigners.
That included the Missouri Rural Crsis Center, the Land Stewardship Project for Minnesota, the Animal Welfare Insitutute, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and the Illinois Stewardship Alliance.
Our experience with crsis management has shown conclusively that even the threat of workplace violence has a damaging effect on morale, productivity, and health."