CRSMCayce / Reilly School of Massotherapy (Virginia Beach, VA)
CRSMComprehensive Review of Sexual Medicine (professional conference)
CRSMCrisis Relief Squad MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association)
CRSMCherry-Red Spot Myoclonus Syndrome (pediatrics)
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6% higher than 1H FY2015, with full quarter contributions by assets from the Crystal and KMC acquisitions, partially offset by lower revenue from City Gas as town gas tariff decreased with lower fuel prices, and higher negative CRSM adjustment incurred by Basslink.
monetary, personnel) transfer to the not-for-profit; and promotion of the CRSM program (Lachowetz & Gladden, 2003).
A successful CRSM program can create or further an emotional connection between the consumer and the sport league/event/team/athlete (Lachowetz & Gladden, 2003), but only if consumers perceive an authentic connection.