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In this paper, we proposed an energy-efficient non-overlapping channel MAC (ENC-MAC) for the CRSNs.
The CRSN does not used stations CHVC and OSTC for the location and this may cause the discrepancy.
These magnitudes match well the magnitudes estimated by CRSN.
multi-hop cognitive radio environments Bicen et Conclude that the new CRSN Y -- al.
Since PU receivers have no duty to announce their reception to SU transmitters, CRSNs cannot combat this problem without sharing local and global information on the detection of the PUs.
To use the underlay approach in CSS-based CRSNs, a fusion center (FC) may need location information on the PUs.
which are required as the characteristics of CRSNs.
In this study, we propose a RSS-based PU localization scheme that uses distance calibration to reduce the localization error and to improve the channel reuse rate for an underlay model-based spectrum access in CRSNs.
To apply the underlay model into CRSNs, the SU needs the PU knowledge at least on [Q.
Foci of 15 microeartquakes were sometimes localized by also using data from stations of the CRSN.
This event, detected by seismic stations included into the CRSN, as well as stations situated in Slovakia, was localized to the environs of Sternberk na Morave.