CRSNCoastal Resource Sharing Network (library consortium; Oregon)
CRSNCanadian Review of Studies in Nationalism (journal)
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1 shows the time structure for ENC-MAC in the CRSN. The time axis is divided into a number of periodic timeslots.
The CR-enabled sensor networks (CRSNs) correspond with distributed cognitive radio networks (DCRNs), where the unlicensed users, i.e., secondary users (SUs), can communicate through ad hoc connections [9].
The existing broadcast protocol in WSN and CR cannot directly apply to CRSN because the broadcast protocol in WSN does
Constant [k.sub.2] = -2.14 adjusts the whole magnitude scale to the previously determined magnitudes from the CRSN. Resulted local magnitudes are given in Table 3.
multi-hop cognitive radio environments Bicen et Conclude that the new CRSN Y -- al.
In [7, 8], two spectrum sensing methods were studied in CRSN. In [15], both single-user and collaborative spectrum sensing schemes were proposed in cognitive sensor networks, while quantised sensing observation is used.
where U is the number of all the SUs in the CRSN; [TP.sup.SU.sub.max], is the maximum transmission power of the SU; and [Q.sub.i] (*) can be obtained from Equation (4).
In order to save the nodes' energy, a censor-based cooperative spectrum sensing scheme for CRSN has been proposed in [10].
Stations of the CRSN (the nearest stations are Ostrava-Krasne Pole and Dobruska, see Fig.
By permanent stations we mean the seismic stations that create the Czech Regional Seismic Network (CRSN), which consists of ten stations.