CRSSCritical Resolved Shear Stress
CRSSCold-Rolled Stainless Steel
CRSSCenter for Reform of School Systems (Houston, TX)
CRSSCommercial Remote Sensing System
CRSSConsolidated Range Simulation System (Western Space Lift Range)
CRSSCertified Recovery Support Specialist
CRSSColchester Residential Services Society (Canada)
CRSSClinical Research Seminar Series
CRSSCan't Remember Stuff Syndrome (polite version)
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PACE is a major CVE initiative launched by the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) - with the support from the government of Netherlands and in partnership with the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology - to promote democratic values, respect for diversity, fundamental human rights and virtues of tolerance as a measure of ensuring social peace and harmony for peaceful co-existence.
The arrival of the Afghan Regional Security delegation marks the continuity of dialogue - facilitated by CRSS - between the stakeholders from the two countries to the backdrop of a politically difficult and challenging environment.
In this regard, CRSS Project Director Aized Ali stated that as a think tank, CRSS Pakistan-Afghanistan Track 1.5/II Dialogue Beyond Boundaries has also advocated the naturalization of Afghans born and those living in Pakistan for more than 20 years to become Pakistani citizens.
CRSS and Beyond Boundaries also appeal to the government for swift implementation of the new visa regime.
The CRSS, an Islamabad-based independent Think-Tank, however, believes that new laws are not a solution to the security challenges as laws to deal with such situations already exist in the country.
Imtiaz Gul, Executive Director CRSS, said that the basis of a progressive society is equal citizenry and strict adherence to the rule of law.
The deliberations will attempt to explain the government's plans and actions in regard to counter-terrorism, legal challenges to countering terrorism, role of prosecution, police role in countering terror and the UK perspective on counter-radicalization and rule of law, besides CRSS project on rule of law.
The deliberations will attempt to explain the Governments' Plans and Actions in regard to Counter-Terrorism, Legal Challenges to Countering Terrorism; Role of Prosecution, Police Role in Countering Terror and the UK Perspective on Counter-Radicalization and Rule of Law besides CRSS Project on Rule of law.
The CRSS figures revealed that some 10 places of Muslim worship such as mosques, madaris, imambargahs, sufi shrines, and three Hindu temples were desecrated during the period.