CrtaCarretera (Spanish: Road or Highway)
CRTACenter for Reformed Theology and Apologetics (Biblical theology)
CRTACalifornia Retired Teachers Association
CRTACommittee on Regional Trade Agreements (World Trade Organization)
CRTAComité Régional de Tourisme d'Aquitaine (France)
CRTAControlled Rate Thermal Analysis
CRTAChampions: Return to Arms (Sony Online Entertainment game)
CRTACritical Review/Technology Assessment
CRTACalgary Retired Teachers' Association (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
CRTACentre de Ressources de Techniques Avancées (French: Resource Center of Advanced Technologies)
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In November 2013, the CRTA decided to revisit the complaint, but the investigation was terminated a year later, when Petrides declared that the case could not proceed because the "case file had been lost", and that the research company withdrew its complaint.
B) Centro de Investigaciones sobre Desertificacion--CIDE (CSIC, UVEG, GV), Crta.
The law allows offenders 45 days to respond to a CRTA indictment," Petrides told the Cyprus Mail .
The event will provide the CRTA delegation a view into Con-way's highly engineered freight operations system and a number of best practices and operational processes the company uses to manage its fleet resources and to process millions of pounds of freight daily at the facility.
CRTA is the state's leading organization devoted to the protection of the pensions of retired public educators.
The CRTA is collaborating with the Pedagogical Institute in an effort to instil active viewership in children, protecting them from sensationalism, misinformation or misguidance," he added.
Dale's untiring efforts on behalf of his local community are an exemplar of the spirit CRTA fosters throughout California," noted incoming CRTA President George Avak.
The CRTA issued 27 decisions against Sigma and imposed fines for the violation of radio and television laws between 2000 and 2002.
We know there is a need for new school supplies to help restore a sense of normalcy to stricken schools," noted CRTA President Eva Hain.
Neophytos Epaminondas, Director of the Cyprus Radio and Television Authority, CRTA, said that in the scene, a bandit threatened to murder and rape a woman living in a village house.
Contact: Ed Ely, CRTA Director of Communications 916-966-5933 Background information via the Web: www.