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CRTCCottonwood Residential Treatment Center (Missouri Department of Mental Health)
CRTCCrt Controller
CRTCCanadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission
CRTCCombat Readiness Training Center
CRTCCathode Ray Tube Controller
CRTCCancer Research and Treatment Center (New Mexico)
CRTCChina Railway Telecommunications Center
CRTCCourt Residential Treatment Center (Texas)
CRTCChambre Régionales et Territoriales des Comptes (French: Regional and Territorial Chamber of Accounts)
CRTCCold Region Test Center
CRTCCREB (cAMP (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate) Response Element-Binging) Regulated Transcription Coactivator (gene)
CRTCContinuously Regenerated Trap Column (Dionex)
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(49) Although, public telegram service, now discontinued, once fell in the same category as telephone service: see CNCP Telecommunications, Interconnection with Bell Canada (17 May 1979), Telecom Decision CRTC 79-11 (Ottawa: CRTC, 1979) at 81-83 [Decision 79-11].
The prime minister's office admitted it was directly involved in picking Tom Pentefountas vice chair of the CRTC earlier this month.
The CRTC is examining its current regulations in response to these technological and competitive changes in the telecommunications industry.
The CRTC had said Orascom owned 65.1 per cent of Globalive's equity, had entered into a strategic technical arrangement with Globalive, and controlled and held the Wind brand under which Globalive had been set to operate.
"The CRTC has been noticeably reluctant over the years to license religious broadcasting," said Henry.
There is also only one federal agency, the CRTC, in charge of telemarketing legislation, unlike the US where it is split between the FCC and FTC.
Today, CRTC provides cold weather expertise and a wide array of natural environmental test services for the material and doctrinal developers of Army equipment and munitions.
Geographic market definition: The CRTC and Competition Bureau
Another high point in Canadian telecom regulation came in one of the CRTC's first statements after assuming authority for telecoms in 1976: "The principle of "just and reasonable" rates is neither narrow nor a static concept ...
For the calendar years 1997 and 1999-2001, NES paid the $800 minimum tax imposed on LLCs by CRTC Section 17941; however, it did not pay the Section 17942 fee.
APTN's first, six-year broadcasting license was set to expite at midnight and the CRTC was expected to issue a temporary (administrative) license renewal so the network could continue operating while the commission completed deliberations on the detailed renewal application that the network had put forward earlier this year.
The CRTC said that VoIP providers that allow calls to be placed or received from the PSTN should be treated as local exchange services, much the same as their circuit-switched equivalents, under the regulations.