CRTLCome Receive the Light (Orthodox Christian radio program)
CRTLColorado Right to Life (political group)
CRTLConsumer Reports Travel Letter
CRTLCincinnati Right to Life (Cincinnati, OH)
CRTLCommon Run-Time Library (computing)
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Meanwhile, "More than 50 million children have been dismembered in the forty years since the crime against humanity known as the Roe opinion," said CRTL spokesman Gregg Jackson, "whereas those who advocate the continued dismemberment of unborn children do so at the peril of their eternal soul.
While CRTL would never support a fetal homicide bill that affirms decriminalized abortion, we also have strongly supported the single-sentence abortion-neutral fetal crimes bill below.
In that report, CRTL closely evaluated the six largest independent travel Web sites and found that while several sites excel in certain areas, none outshines the others in all aspects of booking.