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CRTPCompressed Realtime Transport Protocol
CRTPCompressed Real-time Transport Protocol
CRTPClinical Research Training Program
CRTPCompressed Real-time Transport Protocol (QoS, VoIP)
CRTPCuriously Recurring Template Pattern (C++ programming language)
CRTPCultural Restoration Tourism Project
CRTPCentre de Recherche en Tourisme et Patrimoine (French: Research Center for Tourism and Heritage; Canada)
CRTPCombat Radio Transport Protocol
CRTPCenter for Research on Telecommunications Policy (UC Berkeley)
CRTPCash Rich Time Poor
CRTPCTEC (California Tax Education Council) Registered Tax Preparer (California)
CRTPCardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemaker
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Make CRCP camera robot current position, CRTP camera robot target position, and CRMD movement displacement of each axis.
The CRTP - once dubbed "grab a grand" because it is worth up to PS1,200 a year for officers - faced criticism for being paid out too regularly.
Northumbria paid out more than pounds 1.8m in CRTP and more than pounds 2.5m in SPP.
They also paid out pounds 1.3m to officers at the top of their pay scale, known as competence-related threshold payments (CRTP), who can claim up to pounds 1,000 if they prove they are good at their job.
CRTP is awarded to ofXcers who have reached the top of their pay scale for their rank and depends on them proving they are good at their job.
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In cooperation with the Cultural Restoration Tourism Project (CRTP), a San Francisco-based not-for-profit organization, Pace University in New York organized a service-learning trip to Mongolia in June 2004.
The ability to deploy existing leased-line services such as cRTP, LFI and FRF.12 with integrated Metro Ethernet capabilities in a single platform extends the Cisco 7600 Series platform investment and overall value to service providers and enterprises.
The agreement meant that Comtech EF Data would use Effnet's Compressed Real-time Transport Protocol (CRTP) and IP Header Compression (IPHC) products to improve the efficiency of transmitting IP traffic over satellite links, Effnet said.
This electronic rotation control (CRTP) measures the time gap between two signals supplied by a proximity sensor reading a revolving or cycling mechanism.
Based on the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CRTP) Package-2 transmitted to the House of Representatives, the Department of Finance (DOF) is proposing to limit the government's income tax incentives to eight perks.