CRTSCertified Raindrop Technique Specialist (Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education)
CRTSCertified Relocation and Transition Specialist
CRTSCasualty Receiving and Treatment Ship (US DoD)
CRTSConstant Returns to Scale (economics)
CRTSCertified Running Technique Specialist
CRTSCertified Rehabilitation Technology Supplier
CRTSCash-Rich Tech Stock (conference)
CRTSCash Rich Technology Stock
CRTSCellular Radio Telecommunications Service
CRTSChange Request Tracking System
CRTSCasualty Receiving Triage Ship
CRTSConcurrent Real-Time System
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"There is likely a spot for CRTs in both the core of an insurer's portfolio, and its higher risk allocation," said Irving.
While MNC players are writing the obituary of CRTs, Indian makers - who still manufacture and sell them - dispute this outlook.
Since CRTs are required to have a calendar year, to the extent applicable, individual beneficiaries of CRTs became subject to the new tax commencing Jan.
And the differences between CRTs and HRPs stretch far beyond equipment.
CRTs contain lead and some other hazardous materials, making them difficult to recycle.
CRTS elected to pursue ISO certification to satisfy requirements for the Wasit gas project in Saudi Arabia as well as to distinguish the company from other service providers in the industry.
Fortunately, demand for old CRTs is high in developing nations such as China and India, where they are recycled to create the raw material for building new TVs.
The complainants alleged that Philips and five other manufacturers colluded in order to prevent prices of CRT screens from falling as demand for the old technology almost evaporated.
* CPA tax advisers should be aware of recent guidance on CRTs concerning unrelated business taxable income (UBTI), pro rata division of CRTs and a type of transaction involving a CRT that the Service has designated a "transaction of interest."
Items with cathode-ray tubes (CRT) are particularly harmful because they can contain 4 pounds of lead, a known toxin.