CRTUChestnut Ridge Trout Unlimited (Uniontown, PA)
CRTUCDMA Radio Test Unit
CRTUClinical Research Trials Unit (UK)
CRTUCollege Research and Training Unit
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In the treated groups, CR, TU and CRTU, no significant loss of BM was found.
The analysis of the smallest diameter of muscle fibers showed significant increase in fiber diameter in the AI group compared to the I (p = 0.001), CR (p = 0.001), TU (p = 0.001) and CRTU (p = 0.001) groups; in the I group compared to the CR (p = 0.001), TU (p = 0.002) and CRTU (p = 0.001) groups; in the CR group in relation to the TU (p = 0.001) and CRTU (p = 0.001) groups; and in the TU group compared to the CRTU group (p = 0.001).
Fractal Dimension Analysis of collagen showed that the CRTU group presented a significantly decreased quantity of collagen compared with the LA (p = 0.007) and CR groups (p = 0.014) (Table I).
This study found that body weight reduced in all groups at the end of the experiment; however, this loss was not significant in the treated groups (CR, TU and CRTU).
Moreover, except the CRTU group, the other experimental groups presented a significant decrease in muscle mass in the injured hind-limb compared to the uninjured side.
Although it may be argued that the coding of S may depend on my particular definition of the sovereignty issues, it is also important to restate the above observations regarding this factor: both models indicate that whether S is TRUE or FALSE has no effect in disputes involving territorial controversies (i.e., the S variable does not turn up in the 50 percent model and does not appear in crTi and crTu of the 25 percent model).
Ema govori o svojoj bolesti i kako to odrecuje nacin na koji se ljudi odnose prema njoj, sto prosiruje na cinjenicu da svaki covjek ima neku crtu licnosti.