CRTVCameroon Radio Television
CRTVConservative Review Television (TV network)
CRTVCathode Ray Television
CRTVCenter for Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (International Aid Network; Serbia)
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Similarly, Anglophones have never been appointed to head lucrative corporations like the National Oil Refinery (SONARA), the National Hydrocarbons Corporation (NHC), or the CRTV. In government appointments, Anglophones are seen only as possible assistants to the Francophones.
The popularity of CRTV has greatly declined amongst youths in Cameroon as most of them choose to listen or watch stations other than CRTV.
The nearest the interviewees came to out-rightly discussing their roles within this officially-inclined, 'development-focussed' dimension which Wete (1986) found was in three interviews (Radio Equinox journalist, CRTV journalist 1 and, Cameroon Tribune journalist).
The Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) along with its financial division, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), will invest USD12bn within five years to develop energy, agriculture, infrastructure and fight poverty in sub-Saharan African in the next five years, Dow Jones has reported, citing state-run Cameroon Radio Television CRTV).
The state-sponsored television station, CRTV, carries 2 hours of Christian programming on Sunday mornings, normally an hour of Catholic Mass and an hour of a Protestant service.
Our chairman was Joel Kibazo, director of communications and public affairs at the Commonwealth Secretariat, and the other judges were Dr Doyinsola Abiola, managing director, Concord Press of Nigeria; Jeff Koinange, CNN's Africa correspondent, Arlindo Lopes, chairman and chief executive officer of Mozambique Television (TVM), Shasha Ndimbie, freelance editor, consultant and TV news anchor for the Cameroon Radio Television Corporation (CRTV), and Onkgopotse J.
"Worst Best Friends," based on Max Dan's bestselling books, is a 13-parter written by Dan, edited by Cox for partners Ten, Optus, the Australian Children's Television Foundation, the FFC, Film Victoria and CRTV U.K.
The Fusion Grill will be introduced through infomercials produced by CRTV of Seattle, starring the personable Foreman as host.
But even this encounter of mother and son was turned into a political event by the members of CRTV (Cameroon Radio and Television).
Institutions call attention to their good works: 'UMA [University of Maroua] helps women conserve food'; 'Fight against poverty: always CRTV [Cameroon Radio Television]!' Ethnic organizations march to advertise their strong attachment to local political communities, as do associations of foreigners, who thereby (particularly when intergroup relations are tense) stake a claim in the national mosaic.