CRUBConselho de Reitores de Universidades Brasileiras (Portuguese: Council of Rectors of Brazilian Universities)
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Para el caso de publicaciones intra-institucion, se destaca el Instituto INMIBO (20,5%), seguido por el Instituto Spegazzini (15 %), el CIEFAP (13 %) y el Centro Regional Universitario Bariloche, CRUB (12 %).
(2) Departamento de Zoologia, CRUB, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Quintral 1250, (8400) Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina.
Enticed by a Saudi-Turkish mediation (see news7SauIrnMoneyWarFeb16-09), Moscow is offering Washington much more: It can de-weaponise Iran's nuclear ambitions and crub Tehran's regional goals, as well as give a nod for Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to provide the US/NATO with lasting military bases and transit facilities.
Tire recycling and manufacture mulch for playgrounds and landscaping; fuel; and crub rubber for athletic fields from
Na realidade, a relacao mais estreita com os EUA comecou ainda sob a presidencia de Goulart, com a vinda dos primeiros consultores, em inicio de 1963 (Higher Education Team) O relatorio dos consultores propunha que a "assistencia" do governo se direcionasse para os planejadores de politicas na area (MEC, CFE e conselhos estaduais de educacao) e recomendava a criacao de um conselho de reitores a ser financiado pela USAID--esta foi a origemdo CRUB. As mobilizacoes do movimento estudantil, a recusa do CFE em assinar o convenio e as demissoes de membros nomeados pelo governo para integrar ao EPES, levaram a USAID a cancelar unilateralmente o convenio (12).
Typos, small as they are, reflect poorly, and we found plenty Watch for "dinning rooms" and claims of great "crub appeal." Your site is the world's window to your company Make the view a good one.
Another factor detering corporate involvement is that "business leaders in this country tend not to be black, Jewish, Asiatic or native American, so they don't recognize the problem or are insensitive to what bigotry and discrimination are doing to undermine morale and crub productivity in their companies."
He was so preoccupied that he didn't notice the Jordan autommobile that stopped at the crub beside the lot, much less the man behind the wheel who was watching him with a mixture of curiosity and pity.
cking set y is ndle It's the second unexpected ponap of the night shift, after a scnurse tapped me on the shoulder wower crub while I was sat fast asleep on a theatre stool to tell me the patient was just being wheeled in.
Ecotono, Depto de ecologia, CRUB. Unidad Postal Universidad Nac.
On condition of anonmity, an official of Capital Development Authority (CDA) said that different operations were underway throughout the city to crub the encroachments, beside imposing fine on the viloation of rules and regulations.