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CRUDCreate Read Update Delete
CRUDCreate Update Delete
CRUDCustomer Reported Unique Defect (software quality)
CRUDChalk River Unidentified Deposits
CRUDChopper Riding Urban Dwellers
CRUDColoradans Running Ultra Distances
CRUDCreate, Retrieve, Update, Destroy/Delete
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And tearful Jodie had even more trouble at the end of the day when rubber-lipped Dead Or Alive singer Pete Burns branded her "a pumped-up, sucked-in, little piece of crud".
With this technology, 80-90% of crud deposits are removed with no damage to the integrity of fuel.
They warmed to the repeated, nasty scenes of scape-goating and didn't seem to mind the uncomical act of picking crud out of underwear, or the sudden show of breasts, flashed the way a tipsy 12-year-old might.
The gents' toilets in the grandstand (nearest the Queen's Stand) had a waft of stale urine that hit you straight in the face on opening the door; the urinals are '70s-style stainless steel troughs covered in crud; no premium lager was available on draught, only overpriced Miller draught in bottles, or Budweiser.
Kippenberger's Cologne-based claque can serve as models for Althoff's musical pursuits, especially his band, Workshop; the same goes for his avowed attraction to "collectives." The abundance of works ranging from 1970s-type homespun stuff (felt banners, clay sculptures, very awkward drawings, virtually scribbles) to many species of eldritch crud counters his reception in the US as, pretty much, a highly marketable new German painter.
You're bugging the crud outta your friends trying to decode staff like, "Did be wink at me or does he have an eye tic?" Baffling, isn't it?
When talking about the Internet as a resource, I'm reminded of Theodore Sturgeon's Law: "Ninety percent of everything is crud." It's usually quoted out of context, so we'll put it in context here.
Ordinarily, heavy machinery, electrical components and control panels in a mine or paper mill, encrusted with dust, dirt and all manner of crud would likely never undergo a thorough scrubbing.
Three key deliverables of an ISP were a data model, functional decomposition, and an interaction (CRUD) matrix.
The other two CDs begin clumsily, then bypass camp into crud. No Village People disco anthem stunk quite like the cheese-rock of "Food Fight." Gay '80s grooves weren't always this gruesome--save your pennies for the inevitable Bananarama boxed set.
'Tis the season to be merry, especially if you've managed to avoid catching a cold or the flu while those around you have been laid low by the winter crud. Is making it through the cold season unscathed just a matter of good luck, or can vitamin and herbal supplements keep you healthy even while being exposed to cold and flu viruses?
Now, researchers have discovered that scouring a crystal's surface on an atomic scale can hasten dissolution, just as scrubbing a pot makes it easier to wash away the crud.