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CRUDIVCruiser Division
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On 5 May Nimitz informed Fletcher and Fitch about reliable information as of 3 May that the "Orange [i.e., Japanese] Moresby Striking Force composed of CruDiv 5 and CarDiv 5 will launch attacks on the Allied bases Port Moresby areas on X-Ray minus 3 or minus 2 days.
The Allies now learned from reading enemy messages that the Port Moresby operation had been postponed, that the Port Moresby occupation force would return to Rabaul, and that CruDiv 5 and CarDiv 5 would refuel in the Bougainville area and then cover the occupation of Ocean and Nauru islands.
Aritomo Goto, Commander, CruDiv 6) CruDiv 6 (4 CAs--Aoba, Kako, Kinugasa, Furutaka) DesDiv 7 (1 DD--Sazanami) Light Carrier (Shoho--12 A6M Zero fighters and 9 B5N Type 97 [Kate] torpedo bombers) TULAGI INVASION FORCE (Rear Adm.