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CRUSHCommittee for the Responsible Use of Silver in Health
CRUSHCrime Reduction Using Statistical History
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The other persons assembled in the room, all eagerly looking at her together, saw the dress rising and falling faster and faster over her bosom -- saw the hand in which she lightly held the manuscri pt at the outset close unconsciously o n the paper and crush it, as she advanced nearer and nearer to the end -- but detected no other outward signs of what was passing within her.
The result of that conference was, that Gabelle again withdrew himself to his housetop behind his stack of chimneys; this time resolved, if his door were broken in (he was a small Southern man of retaliative temperament), to pitch himself head foremost over the parapet, and crush a man or two below.
I don't know now, exactly, what it has to do with me, or what right it has to crush me, on an infinite variety of occasions; but whenever I see my old friend the bushel brought in by the head and shoulders (as he always is, I observe), I give up a subject for lost.
I have often thought him since, like the steam-hammer, that can crush a man or pat an egg-shell, in his combination of strength with gentleness.
I wish I knew the snakes that I might crush them with my heel.
The worst of all was a heavy miller's cart which one could hardly crush to silence in one's handkerchief; but it went so slowly, and both man and horses were so sleepy, that they passed unheard and unnoticing.
It were unworthy to triumph over me It is a poor deed to crush a worm.
When the workers, by their trades-unions, demanded a share of the luck in the form of advanced wages, it paid better to give them the little they dared to ask than to stop gold-gathering to fight and crush them.
Two months ago I went to a crush at Lady Brandon's.
For a moment we lost sight of them, and were flattering ourselves that we had escaped, when they reappeared and soared into the air directly over our vessel, and we saw that each held in its claws an immense rock ready to crush us.
On that day, the sixth of our imprisonment, Captain Nemo, finding the pickaxes work too slowly, resolved to crush the ice-bed that still separated us from the liquid sheet.
They would abandon Zverkov, he would sit on one side, silent and ashamed, while I should crush him.