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CRUXCosmic Ray Upset Experiment
CRUXConstruction Resource Utilization Explorer (NASA)
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The Bear Crux can be purchased as a bare bow or as a Ready-To-Hunt (RTH) package featuring Trophy Ridge accessories.
With the support of the athletes, Crux began working on a new, ergonomic helmet design, utilising new CAD methods and taking 3D laser scans of each individual, to ensure an accurate fit.
In the books under review, Edwin Duval places the issue of interpretation squarely at the crux of Rabelais' aeuvre, but not interpretation in thrall to the polysemy of words enamored of recent critics who approach the books as texts.
Released on the Guild Music label, O Crux was November's featured CD on the BBC music website, and named `disc of the year' in the magazine Gramophone by critic Mark Rochester, who described it as "an enchanting collection, exquisitely performed".
Letters, which appear on page 6, are at the crux of the other two.
Where many scholars emphasize "visuality" as the crux of the exhibition experience, Walden insists on motion.
The crux of the problem is whether that balance of representation is fair to processors and machinery suppliers.
Galway Football boards' executive members met last night to discuss the crux which involves a clash of fixtures between their county final and the first round of the Connacht club championship.
The crux of the matter is that the OBRA "black box" of documentation vs.
This "memory-prediction framework," the crux of intelligence, is centered in the brain's neocortex, the authors contend.
The crux of PointFolio service is the PointFolio PassKey, a 3.
The Crux VCF System is the first major design innovation in vena cava filters in some 40 years," stated Mel Schatz, CEO of Crux Biomedical.