CRWACharles River Watershed Association (Massachusetts)
CRWACalifornia Rural Water Association (est. 1990)
CRWAColorado Rural Water Association (Pueblo West, CO)
CRWACanyon Regional Water Authority (Texas)
CRWACapital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio
CRWACountryside & Rights of Way Act 2000 (UK)
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Enter CRWA, the other player in this success story.
Overhead on the CRWA side has been cut by 7 percent, allowing the association to not only retain its current staff but also to access "luxury" staff such as the graphic designer and meeting planner.
The SBP said the falling CRWA to total assets over the last few years was not an indicator of lower credit risk; rather it simply suggested a strong flight to quality amid high non-performing loans (NPLs).
In response, the Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA) and CLF have collaborated to create a comprehensive, sustainable water policy that will ensure adequate water supply and healthy, clean waterways in the Greater Boston area and beyond.
CRWA is one of the country's first watershed protection organizations.
The crossing was one of four carried out as part of a two part construction program for the Canyon Regional Water Authority (CRWA) to bring water front Lake Dunlap on the Guadalupe River in McQueeney, TX to central Bexar County, about 30 miles away.
To help cut costs and to obtain a quality, one-pipe material pipeline, the project owner, CRWA, wanted to use ductile iron pipe throughout."
The full year impairment charge for loan portfolio was AED 419 million, including AED 33 million for General Provisions, which represents 1.5 per cent of the Bank's credit risk weighted assets (CRWA) by end of 2013.
CLF, partnered with the Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA), has embarked upon a comprehensive, multi-year effort to combat the pollution that threatens the Charles and its 300 square mile watershed and those of the neighboring Neponset and Mystic Rivers.
CLF and CRWA are also working to address uncontrolled stormwater from municipal and private storm drains and from large infrastructure systems, like the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Massachusetts Highway Department.
The innovative partnership between CLF and the Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA) is working to relieve the stress on the Charles River watershed, which is suffering under the impacts of intense development.