CRWPCannon River Watershed Partnership (Northfield, MN)
CRWPChagrin River Watershed Partners, Inc (Ohio, USA)
CRWPCommunity Rail Working Party (UK)
CRWPChippewa River Watershed Project (Minnesota, USA)
CRWPCherokee Rose Writing Project (University of West Georgia; Carrollton, GA)
CRWPCirculating Raw-Water Pump
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List the online sources you use to determine your answer." Students are expected to use the CRWP to find Web sites providing this information.
The use of these three assignments raised several questions regarding the academic usefulness of the CRWP. For example, is the CRWP useful for fostering information literacy among the students?
Three groups of the graduate students who were enrolled in a master's-level career development course participated in evaluating the CRWP. The second author taught each of the courses, which were delivered over three consecutive semesters.
Students were asked to use the CRWP to complete an assignment presented between the 1st and 2nd week of face-to-face classes.
Students were able to name more specific career sites in all four areas after using the CRWP. Repeated ANOVAs for each of these areas were significant (ps < .05).
For example, the overall mean rating of the CRWP (1 = low, 10 = high) was 7.9 (SD = 1.95), with women providing ratings similar to men (female mean = 7.9; male mean = 7.5; ANOVA, F(1, 66) = .434; p > .5).
Assessing Knowledge Over Time After Use of the CRWP
On the basis of our consistent findings in two semesters, we decided to increase the number of CRWP evaluation surveys given to students as a way to evaluate changes in knowledge about career-related sites over time.
After the first assessment, students were asked to use the CRWP between the 1st and 2nd week of class (exactly as students in the first two semesters had done).
In addition, because some graduate students lack basic research and information competence skills (Rockman, 2003), using an online tool such as the CRWP may be a useful way to increase students' computer literacy.
Our assessment of student use of the CRWP over three consecutive semesters suggests that it is an effective tool for promoting career information literacy among graduate students.
In addition, graduate students accessed the CRWP more times than expected based on the course assignment.