CRWUCounter Revolutionary Warfare Unit (Fiji)
CRWUClimate Ready Water Utilities (US EPA)
CRWUCanadian Racetrack Workers Union
CRWUCooperative Wildlife Research Unit (Missoula, MT)
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While focused on the water utility sector, the CRWU Working Group is an excellent example of how the federal government is planning for the considerable impacts that climate change will cause over the coming decades.
The death toll revealed next morning--three loyalist soldiers shot down in cold blood, and five CRWU rebels beaten to death by vengeful comrades--sent a chill through the community.
Most importantly, they develop an analysis of affirmative action policies introduced under Laisenia Qarase's Blueprint for Fijian Development, which `advantage the Fijian middle classes, not the disaffected masses that had fuelled the CRWU rebellion'.