CRYJChun Rhang Yhur Jhun (South Korean action-adventure book series)
CRYJCenter for Restorative Youth Justice (Kalispell, MT)
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Mus a 2 (banana)--food allergy like swelling of lips, anaphylaxis, and so forth PR-4 Hev b 6.01, Hev b 6.02, and Hev b 6.03 (latex)--contact dermatitis Jun a 3 (mountain cedar), Cryj 1 (Japanese cedar), and Cup a 3 PR-5 (Arizona cypress)--rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and asthma Pru av 2 (cherry), Mal d 2 (apple), Cap a 1 (bell pepper), Act d 2 (kiwi), and Mus a 4 (banana)--oral allergy syndrome PR-6 -- PR-7 -- Hevamine (latex)--contact dermatitis.