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CRYPTACryptographic Protected Tags for new RFID Applications (radio frequency ID devices; electronic security application)
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The Penrose Awards are designed to showcase London as the most innovative city in the world, something Joe HQ Luong (CEO of Crypta Labs) agrees with, having decided to base the business near Old Street.
Speaking of glazes, the earliest Italian glazed ware was excavated in the Crypta Balbi, where it is exhibited with an extensive collection of ceramics of the 'Golden Age' of Italian majolica from 1300 to 1600.
A third section of the Museo Nazionale Romano, devoted to urban archaeology, is located at the Crypta Balbi, a vast compound acquired by the State in 1981.
Here is the new headquarters of Daniele Manacorda, director of the most comprehensive scientific excavations ever to take place in Rome, at the Crypta Balbi by the Field of Mars.
Cryptosporidium is derived from the Latin term crypta meaning hidden and the Greek term spora meaning seed.
15:1-4, from the Crypta Balbi deposit), but surely residual in lot 97-57 are a fragmentary bowl Hayes form 99 (C-1997-43); two rims of LRC form 3; and an unidentified LRC base.
Encrypta Electronics ( Crypta 2K, CryptaData, Crypta Data Tag, GateTrak, TrailerTrak, Microseal 5, Nanoseal