CRYPTONETCryptographic Network
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Piracy proved an inspiration to these hacker communities to develop networks, or what May calls the CryptoNet, which could elude the power of the state with secure, anonymous communication (Greenberg, 2012; Levy, 2002; Ludlow, 2001).
While the CryptoNet might have been fiction when May wrote his manifesto, darknets informed his vision of the future of computer networks.
Instead, visions of darknets and cryptonets inspired a nascent political movement intent on creating state-evading networks that were able to transmit any type of content.
CryptoNet confirms outbreaks and types Cryptosporidium specimens from sporadic cases; however, the goal of CryptoNet is to molecular type Cryptosporidium specimens for every case reported to the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System and to integrate molecular typing data with traditional epidemiologic data.
CryptoNet: Molecular-based tracking to better understand U.S.
Three (13%) patients had laboratory-confirmed Cryptosporidium infection; molecular characterization by CryptoNet of one Cryptosporidium specimen identified it as the C.
Molecular characterization by CryptoNet of four Cryptosporidium specimens from the Little League cohort identified all four as the C.
Among six Cryptosporidium specimens from patients affected by these outbreaks, all were identified by CryptoNet as the C.
CryptoNet genotyping (18S PCR-RFLP) to determine Cryptosporidium species and subtyping (gp60 PCR and sequencing) to determine subtype (4) supported and strengthened the Alabama, Arizona, and Ohio outbreak investigations.
Most Cryptosporidium species are indistinguishable by traditional diagnostic tests (microscopy or immunoassays); only molecular diagnostic methods, such as those used by CryptoNet, can distinguish these species and their subtypes.
In 2010, CDC launched CryptoNet ( cryptonet.html), the first U.S.
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