CRiBECentre for Research in the Built Environment (also seen as CRBE; UK)
CRiBECentre for Research in the Built Environment (Welsh School of Architecture; Cardiff University; UK)
CRiBEChat Room in Broken English
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From March 1999 to April 2002, the accused were faulted for taking advantage of their official positions and conspiring with one another when they gave unwarranted benefits to Cribe.
A number of different terms have been used to des- cribe this condition; such as Busch in 1897 first sug- gested the use of 'dens in dente'which implies the radio- graphic appearance of "tooth within a tooth".12 Hunter suggested the term "dilated composite odon-tome".13 Of the various terms 'dens invaginatus' would appear to be the most appropriate as it reflects the infolding of the outer portion (enamel) into the inner portion (dentin) with the formation of a pocket and dead space Synonyms for this malformation are: Dens in dente, invaginated odontome, dilated gestant odontome, dilated composite odontome, tooth inclusion and dens telescope.3, 4, 6
Dos veces se des cribe a Nanderuvusu con las palabras "con el sol sobre el pecho." Tambien hay frecuentes repeticiones de distintos elementos de la tierra por crear como "del viento que aun no era viento" o "dueno de la luz que aun no era la luz." (92).
The total items were 119 using a six point Likert scale: 'describes me very well'; 'describes me well'; 'describes me fairly we ll'; 'does not quite describe me well'; 'does not really describe me'; 'does not des cribe me at all28.
(63) La Comision esta postulando un clero segun el modelo jansenista, cuyo perfil Emilio La Parra des cribe: entregado a sus fieles, situando su trabajo pastoral por encima de todo, de conducta intachable, sencillo en sus maneras de actuar y en su forma de hablar, que conoce la historia eclesiastica, criticando lo que en ella hay de leyenda, que estudia.
Monastic pursuits will follow with a chance to see and try calligraphy with the S cribe.