CRoVCafeteria Roenbergensis Virus
CRoVConstant Runout (Control) Valve
CRoVCommercial Release On Volume
CRoVCalifornia Riders Of Vision (Yamaha XZ550R motorcycle group)
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"It's a microbial version of the David and Goliah story where, after infecting Cafeteria roenbergeneis, Mavirus protects it against infection by CroV, while ensuring its own survival," said Curtis Suttle of University of British Columbia.
"This implies that over evolutionary time, organisms have co-opted the DNA from ancient relatives of Mavirus into their own genomes, presumably so that they could acquire immunity against giant viruses like CroV."
What attracts the attention is the multitude of crovs (small form of landscape with aspect of circular depression) from south and south-west part of the basin, where it was formed a series of small valleys.