CS IICircle Surround II (6.1 surround sound by SRS Labs)
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Boosted by early results demonstrating equivalence in oncologic and safety measures compared to open and laparoscopic approaches, the R-RPLND has become an excellent option for the treatment of CS I and CS II nonseminomatous GST (NSGCT) and is emerging as a feasible approach for postchemotherapy RPLND [12].
On the funicle, the number of CS II on the 1st segment of antenna of adult females was equal to the number on the 2nd segment of the male.
The new DirectDVD software DVD player marks the debut of CS II for computers.
1C: Bishop Gore CS 27 Brynteg CS II 6; Bishop Vaughan RCS 3 Plasmawr 11; Gowerton CS 6 Cross Keys College 20.
500 m2 one-layer lime-cement interior plaster CS II according to DIN EN 998-1, surface Q3 felted
2,990 m 2 surface plaster mineral cs ii 3 m approx.
Exterior plaster first layer 7 290 m 2 surface plaster mineral cs ii 3 mm approx.
Leveling plaster Lime cement plaster CS II D 20 - 60 mm - 680 m 2
A total of 2,000 m 2 of external plaster are cut off at the old school building and re-applied as a three-layer new external plaster (plaster, lime-cement plaster - light plaster lw, cs ii - w2 din en 998-1, top coat as felt plaster).
230 m - interior plaster on masonry and reinforced concrete walls, P II, CS II, D 10 mm, approx.