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CS-1Capability Set 1 (ITU Standards for Intelligent Networks)
CS-1Cleavage Signal-1 Protein (obstetrics and gynecology)
CS-1Crystal Square 1 (Crystal City, Arlington, VA)
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With an entry-level academic price of $698 (including one year of service), CS-1 is priced to meet the budget requirements of schools and libraries.
A single CS-1 can protect an entire network of several hundred computers.
The patent-pending CS-1 blocks pornography, gambling, hate, hacking, music-file-sharing programs, instant messaging programs and other inappropriate content.
The CenterStage CS-1 was given the distinguished Scaler Of The Year Award from The Perfect Vision magazine based on its performance, innovation and value.
About the CenterStage CS-1 and CS-HD Professional Video Processors
CenterStage CS-1 and CS-2 is now available through the FOCUS Enhancements worldwide distribution network.
CenterStage CS-1 is offered as the standard base model and CenterStage CS-2 adds DVI HDCP compliance, rack mount chassis, and BNC analog video input connectors.