CS-CDPDCircuit Switched-Cellular Digital Packet Data (also seen as CSCDPD)
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GTE Wireless, a leading wireless-service provider, plans to offer the MP215 to a range of its targeted customers, including law enforcement, field service and transportation markets currently utilizing its CS-CDPD service.
With CS-CDPD we can now expand our wireless data reach beyond local CDPD coverage.
The MP215 is a cellular data modem designed for mobile and fixed cellular data communications using CS-CDPD.
The key value of CS-CDPD for customers is that it extends CDPD functionality where CDPD is not yet deployed.
HNS is delighted about GTE's announcement of commercial CS-CDPD service," said Mike Zito, HNS CDPD marketing manager.
In 1995, GTE and other CDPD Forum members financed and developed the technical foundation for CS-CDPD, which was eventually adopted as a standard for the industry.
Additional companies that have announced intention to support CS-CDPD include Sierra Wireless, Lucent Technologies, Comcast Cellular and Mitsubishi.
TranSettlements Network Services of Atlanta will be among the first to trial CS-CDPD.
GTE is pleased that Sierra Wireless and Aether have already developed an integrated solution which incorporates CS-CDPD technology," said Jay Sheth, director of business market planning for GTE.
Using CS-CDPD, a user can connect efficiently by speed-dialing a central modem bank, transferring the data message, then disconnecting.
CS-CDPD makes the IP based CDPD packet protocol available over the entire voice cellular network by enabling users to directly access the CDPD network either through a digital packet airlink (CDPD) or a traditional dial-up analog cellular airlink (circuit switched cellular).
In CS-CDPD mode, the Sierra Wireless MP200 rugged mobile modem can switch between circuit mode or packet mode CDPD operation automatically while keeping the same IP address (NEI) registered on the network.