CS95Combat Soldier 95 Pattern
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Changan CS95 Royal model is the flagship of Changan Automobile Company Limited line of products.
The new Changan CS95 Royal model is equipped with various driver assistance systems, and passive and active safety systems, such as blind spot detection, lane departure warning, front collision warning, adaptive cruise control (radar), and others.
In order to identify the related function of the candidate seeds, for each species, we defined the corresponding target gene by containing at least one WCS that is greater than the CS95 in the 3'-UTR.
"The all-new CS95 represents a new era, which will spread enthusiasm among our clients and make them truly distinctive."
He added: "Last year, Changan introduced the ideal crossover model, the CS95, and this year, Changan offers the all-new SUV CS95, which will change the concept of the family SUV category.
The CS95 reflects the advanced dynamics and modern spirit of adventure, says the maker.