CSACCalifornia State Association of Counties
CSACCalifornia Student Aid Commission
CSACCertified Substance Abuse Counselor
CSACCitizens Stamp Advisory Committee
CSACChip-Scale Atomic Clock
CSACComputer Science Accreditation Commission (ACM)
CSACCyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center
CSACClinical Substance Abuse Counselor (certification)
CSACChemical Security Analysis Center (US DHS)
CSACChancellor's Staff Advisory Committee
CSACCouncil on Superconductivity for American Competitiveness
CSACChief Scientific Adviser's Committee (UK)
CSACCommand Studies Advisory Council
CSACCombat System Alignment Canister
CSACCharge Safety Analysis Checklist
CSACCalgary Sub-Aquatic Club
CSACCombat Support Aviation Company
CSACCustomer Service Assurance Center (US Transportation Command)
CSACCareer Service Advisory Council (South Dakota)
CSACCandidate Special Area of Conservation (UK)
CSACChina Southern Airlines Company
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Jones' career, but I do believe he should sit out for a while," CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster stated during the deliberation of Jones' anti-doping case.
CSAC serves as a resource to prepare federal, state, and local governments with information and resources for best response in the event of a chemical spill or other event.
Claiming he was punched during the illegal exchange, Reiss also recommended to CSAC officials at ringside that both fighters be fined, saying, "You decide the amount.
Given that the AFs used in the CSAC report were based on 2003 smoking prevalence estimates of the Canadian population (4) (current smoker prevalence = 23%), the availability of annual BC smoking prevalence from the Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS) presents an opportunity to more accurately estimate SAM and SAH in BC.
When a reinsurer for the CSAC Excess Insurance Authority decided to place themselves in voluntary runoff midway through a five-year aggregate stop loss reinsurance program, DesCombes had to find a new partner quickly.
7 billion in local gas tax revenues and cutting $1 billion from state corrections, allowing thousands of criminals to serve less time in state prison and placing a greater burden on local criminal justice systems, according to CSAC.
HISAK- CSAC took an "integrative, functional, pragmatic, and contextual" approach to the learning/teaching process that entailed "all three settings: family, school, and visits to Croatia" (Krasic 1984-85,230).
Responses to all queries are drafted and submitted to CSAC for approval before publication in the Coding Matters newsletter.
Ticket prices were offset by grassroots fundraisers and by support from the both the CSAC (Catholic School Advisory Council, primarily comprised of parents) and the Toronto Catholic District School Board.
Murray wants sector leaders to use other stamps to send a letter to the CSAC in support.
Alice Dickow is a CSAC consultant in Portland, Ore.
SSC San Diego's Central Engineering Activity (CEA) Laboratory received the first chip-scale atomic clock from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Laboratory last year and will start characterizing a new CSAC from Symmetricom Corp.