CSACCalifornia State Association of Counties
CSACCalifornia Student Aid Commission
CSACCertified Substance Abuse Counselor
CSACCitizens Stamp Advisory Committee
CSACChip-Scale Atomic Clock
CSACComputer Science Accreditation Commission (ACM)
CSACCyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center
CSACClinical Substance Abuse Counselor (certification)
CSACChemical Security Analysis Center (US DHS)
CSACChancellor's Staff Advisory Committee
CSACCouncil on Superconductivity for American Competitiveness
CSACChief Scientific Adviser's Committee (UK)
CSACCommand Studies Advisory Council
CSACCombat System Alignment Canister
CSACCharge Safety Analysis Checklist
CSACCalgary Sub-Aquatic Club
CSACCombat Support Aviation Company
CSACCustomer Service Assurance Center (US Transportation Command)
CSACCareer Service Advisory Council (South Dakota)
CSACCandidate Special Area of Conservation (UK)
CSACChina Southern Airlines Company
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Navigation Nugget project manager Randy Rollo said, "The Navigation Nugget is the first GPS receiver in the world to incorporate a CSAC.
Recent versions of the CSAC utilize more stable rubidium (Rb) atoms and have demonstrated a 1000x increase in precision over the use of quartz in a total package of 9.
The designs are presented to the CSAC for its comments.
According to Mr Yung, most three-axis milling jobs can benefit from CSAC.
45s CSAC as the holdover oscillator in our CSAC GPSDO," commented Said Jackson, President of Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc.
45s CSAC incorporates several technology breakthroughs that offer significant benefits for portable applications.
Janssen said the CSAC survey is designed to help counties explore how to either reduce or pay the future costs.
CSAC in Ontario) and the work of national organizations such as CCTT;
The backing of the ONR demonstrates a strong vote of confidence in our continued leadership with miniature, low power atomic clock technology such as our Tactical Grade Atomic Clock and upcoming CSAC product," stated Dan Scharre, executive vice president and general manager at Symmetricom.
Because of the inevitable and significant increases in health care costs that are a consequence of Proposition 46, EVERY major local government organization in California is opposing the measure, including: CSAC, The League of California Cities, California Special Districts Association, Rural County Representatives of California, California Association of Joint Powers Authorities, California School Boards Association and the Association of California School Administrators.
V CSAC Jura were allotted berths at Qasim International Container Terminal on Thursday, May 20.
WORST RAIDING' 279 children were abducted from Pibor in what the CSAC report says is "the worst raiding" of 2009 when retaliatory clashes between Lou Nuer and Murle occurred.