CSACDCollaboration and Satisfaction About Care Decisions
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Pooled variance t tests and post hoc power analysis using G*Power 3.1 (Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf, 2008) were performed to examine the documentation process assessment and CSACD scores for pre- and post-intervention data collection intervals.
COLLABORATION AND SATISFACTION ABOUT CARE decisions The Collaboration and Satisfaction About Care Decisions (CSACD) tool was developed to measure nurse-physician collaboration in making specific patient care decisions (Baggs, 1994).
Table 1: Mean Total Scale Scores Between Groups and Across Time Student Group Jefferson CSACD Jefferson CSACD Scale at Scale at Scale at Scale at Time 1 Time 1 Time 2 Time 2 First-year 51,12 (a,b) 50.64 46.58 (b,d) 48.73 medical students (n = 18), HCT participants Second-year NA NA 46.26 (c) 50.34 medical students (n = 18), nonparticipants Junior nursing 56.70 (a) 45.40 54.86 (c) 47.33 students (n = 17), HCT participants Junior nursing 54.55 45.41 54.42 (d) 49.35 students (n = 21), nonparticipants Note: Possible range of Jefferson scale is 15 to 60.