CSAFCampus Sustainability Assessment Framework
CSAFChief of Staff, United States Air Force
CSAFChemical-Specific Adjustment Factor
CSAFCenter for the Study of Alternative Futures
CSAFCanadian Scottish Athletic Federation
CSAFCambodian Student Association of Fresno (California)
CSAFControlled Shear Affinity Filtration
CSAFCzechoslovakian Air Force
CSAFChristian School Athletic Fellowship
CSAFCouncil on Student Activity Funds
CSAFCompound Specific Adjustment Factors
CSAFCenter of Strategic Analysis and Forecasts
CSAFChristian School Athletics Fellowship
CSAFCzech-Slovakia Anarchist Federation
CSAFCS Adaptation Function
CSAFcombat scene of action frequency
CSAFComplex-Specific Assembly Factor
CSAFCommunity Service Approval Form
CSAFCustomer Service Agreement Form
CSAFCustomer Service Action Form
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In his March 2015 visit to Creech, the CSAF put the onus on the community to generate ideas to establish the way forward for RPAs, unaware that such efforts to take ownership had met with continuous frustration.
Personal message from CSAF to CINC SAC, May 6, 1953.
Jumper, 2002 CSAF Quality of Life Survey: Chief's Sight Picture, published letter, 20 August 2002.
The CSAF Fellows Program is a prestigious opportunity to develop some of the Air Force's most talented officers," Moseley said.
General Moseley thus continues the USAF's Force Development efforts initiated in November 2002 by General John Jumper, the former CSAF.
The CSC serves the Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics, Installations and Mission Support (AF/A4/7), CSAF, and SECAF responsive integrated Combat Support Command and Control (CSC2) by monitoring current events, maintaining situational awareness over combat support readiness and engagement, predicting future courses of action, analyzing options, and coordinating Air Force combat support for Joint Operations.
Air Force's Transformation Flight Plan from SECAF and CSAF offers a vision for the future.
The civilian CFM approach is complementary to SECAF and CSAF Force Development (FD) initiatives.
Michael Namarro, Message from ADC to CSAF, "AFM 3-16 Revision," 12 September 1967.
In December 2005, the CSAF endorsed a program then known as Future Financials, an "initiative focused on improving Air Force management of sustainment resources utilizing the enterprise business concept.
Another reason of this problem had been misuse of CNIC copy at franchisees and retailers of those customers who did not properly fill up the CSAF.